Bank of America Stadium and Spectrum Center Just Ranked The Most Unhealthy In America


A new comprehensive report by ESPN’s Outside The Lines has just ranked 2 of Charlotte’s biggest sports venues as the most unhealthy in America. The report details more than 16,000 comprehensive health inspections at 110+ professional football, baseball, basketball and hockey facilities across the country.

Here in Charlotte, inspectors found some truly shocking health code violations, including beer leaking from the ceiling of a bar, expired cream cheese and turkey, and blood from raw beef dripping on shelves inside the walk-in cooler.

According to the new report, “the venues with the highest percentage of food outlets that incurred one or more high-level violations in the two-year period include Spectrum Center in Charlotte, North Carolina (92 percent); Palace of Auburn Hills near Detroit, which has since closed, (86.1 percent); American Airlines Center in Dallas, (83.1 percent); and Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte (82.6 percent).”

Outside the Lines reviewed and collected 16,000+ food-safety inspection reports from 111 professional football, baseball, basketball and hockey facilities across North America.

Outside the Lines discovered a total of 23 high-level violations at the Spectrum Center and 57 high-level violations at the Bank of America Stadium.

You can read the full ESPN report here.