At Least 2 Dead and A Dozen Injured During Last Night’s Shootout On Beatties Ford Rd.


Chaos broke out last night during a Juneteenth celebration on Beatties Ford Rd. At least 2 people were killed and several more were injured during a massive shootout in the street. Witnesses reported hearing over 60 shots fired over the course of about 5 minutes.

According to CMPD officials, officers first responded to a call of a pedestrian getting hit by a car on Beatties Ford Rd at about 12:30am, just as Medic was coming onto the scene, the shooting began. Officials have now confirmed that 2 people have died and 7 more were injured from gunshot wounds, and at least 5 additional people were injured by vehicles.

Here is a video of the shooting and the immediate aftermath (warning: very graphic images and language):

The shooting began near the corner of Beatties Ford Rd. and Catherine Simmons Rd.

Police have now shut down several blocks of Beatties Ford Rd., from Dr Webber Ave to Lasalle St to investigate the massive crime scene.

We will update this article as new information comes in.