Ascent Uptown Rented The BB&T Ballpark To Honor Some Of The Best Photographers in Charlotte


uptown-stunner-partyTo celebrate their summer opening and inspired by their dedication to community involvement, Ascent Uptown just gave away over $3,000 in prizes yesterday at the BB&T Ballpark to wrap up their first ever #UptownStunner Photo Contest!

The contest was open to anyone with a camera (or smartphone) and a social media account.

Photos were submitted between May 16th and May 21st. On May 20th, the Ascent Uptown team selected twenty of their favorite submissions for the public to vote on.

We then posted the photos on Tuesday, May 23 and gave the public a week to vote for their favorites.

These are the top 20 finalists – be sure to click on the links of your favorite photographers to follow them on Instagram:

20. #UptownStunner by @johanrol

#uptownstunner @ascent_uptown #clt #Charlotte #romarebeardenpark

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19. #UptownStunner by @mattshdr

18. #UptownStunner by @alexwalkeralexwalker

An apartment building ( @ascent_uptown ) so beautiful I had to open an art gallery…

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17. #UptownStunner by @shotsbyjones


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16. #UptownStunner by @whitwheelzz


15. #UptownStunner by @davidgelbert

Let’s make the weekend 5 days and the work week 2… who’s with me?

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14. #UptownStunner by @alexandersouthnc

Stun Gun Bubble Gum….say that 5 times fast 🙄#uptownstunner

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13. #UptownStunner by @papacubby

One light on at the #UptownStunner

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12. #UptownStunner by @jeseabrooke

11. #UptownStunner by @walkervisual

This building [ @ascent_uptown ] STANDS OUT…

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10. #UptownStunner by @lady_onthemoon

9. #UptownStunner by @souderpatch

Friday Vibes

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8. #UptownStunner by @geralo07

#uptownstunner #ilovephotography #heartofcharlotte

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7. #UptownStunner by @neverend_creative

“Ascent is always difficult. Descent is easy and often slippery.” ~Gandhi #uptownstunner #ascentuptown #photocontest

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6. #UptownStunner by @unclejut


5. #UptownStunner by @cj_byers


4. #UptownStunner by @bryguyfilms

You will ascend by lifting others 🛩️🎈🙌 #uptownstunner

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3. #UptownStunner by @clhughes21

I don’t have a drone to try and win this contest, but my lil dog can fly #uptownstunner

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2. #UptownStunner by @333_wiley_honecutt_lane

#UptownStunner @exploreclt @ascent_uptown

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1. #UptownStunner by @tate_finley

#uptownstunner comin at ya

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Yesterday the Ascent Uptown team rented out part of the BB&T Ballpark to honor all the top 20 finalists and announce the top 3 winners of the #UptownStunner photo contest.

I took this live video of the announcement:


When I went back to analyze the full reach of the campaign, I was honestly surprised at how well it did. We ended up receiving a total of over 6,000 photo submissions on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, with a total reach of over 250,000 people.

The Ascent Uptown’s photo contest truly was an Uptown Stunner!