As Grocery Shelves Run Dry, A New App Is Connecting Residents To Local Farmers – Visit NC Farms


As fresh produce and meat becomes more and more scarce in Walmarts and Harris Teeters during COVID-19, a growing number of North Carolinians are turning to local farms to keep their pantries stocked.

Many are now turning to a new app that was originally planned to increase agro-tourism in our state but is now becoming a valuable resource for residents.

The Visit NC Farms app now represents 30 counties across North Carolina and currently lists location information, product availability, and pricing for hundreds of North Carolina farms.

The app was developed and built by Don Macke, who is also the co-founder of the Center for Rural Entrepreneurship.

“The key is for rural communities to recognize that they have valuable assets, one of which is the very nature of rural life,” Macke said. “In an increasingly congested and impersonal world, there is great appeal to a close-knit community. The qualities associated with rural life are particularly conducive to the creation of entrepreneurial ecosystems and the free flow of information, skills and resources”.

You can find out more information or download their Apple or Android app here.