Armed Charlotte Man Shoots and Kills 7-Eleven Robber


A robbery this past Thursday in West Charlotte ended in the death of one robber and the hospitalization of another after a victim who had a concealed gun shot both of them.

According to CMPD, 2 accused robbers walked into the 7-Eleven off Brookshire Blvd., pointed a gun at a customer and demanded his wallet.

The customer surrendered his wallet and the 2 robbers proceeded to rob store clerk. Moments after then turned away from the customer, he pulled out his concealed gun and shot both of the robbers.

16-year-old Qwanterrius Stafford is now dead and 17-year-old Brenna Harris is in the hospital with critical injuries, according to police.

Harris was just charged with conspiracy to commit armed robbery, attempted robbery with a dangerous weapon, and armed robbery from person.

The concealed-permit carrying customer has not been charged with any crime.

CMPD officers are still investigating the robbery and shooting.