Argentina vs France; Why it’s a must watch World Cup final for US soccer fans


The 2022 World Cup final might not massively interest fans of Charlotte FC, but with the MLS growing in the United States, and the 2026 World Cup coming to these shores, this year’s final is more likely to capture the imagination of the casual US soccer fan than previous finals have.

Other reasons it might be of interest might include the final international appearance of the soccer legend, Lionel Messi, and that the match looks set to be a riveting contest between two fairly matched teams.

Bookmakers can’t separate Argentina and France

World Cup finals are generally between equally matched teams. Those who get to the final play well, and there are a few good national teams who are capable of beating each other on their given day.

This year is no different, with Argentina and France in the final, and the bookmakers seem to be struggling to separate the two teams with their World Cup odds. At the moment, both Argentina and France are -110 to win the trophy on Sunday. Some bookmakers make Argentina their marginal favorite, while others make it France. However you look at it, the two teams are neck and neck.

France are the defending champions, and they not only have the experience of winning this competition previously but also offer a whole new generation of exceptional players. Take Messi out of the equation, and there should only be one winner, as France looks like the superior team.

The match is worth watching for Messi alone

Messi is not only the reason Argentina’s odds are holding firm against the French but is also another great reason for watching the final. The great man has announced that this will be his final ever appearance at the international level, and there can be no better way to celebrate this than with a winner’s medal.

This match is a must-watch for Charlotte FC fans and USMNT fans too. Forget Messi, this is the World Cup final. If the USMNT wants to have a chance of impressing on the international soccer stage in under four years, they need to watch the best and learn from them.

Sunday’s final will hopefully be a tactical masterclass on how to win a one-off match. No one will want to make the mistake that costs his nation the game, and both sides will keep things tight, hoping that one of their star players produces the moment of magic that is the difference between the two teams.

France dares to break the trend

France has the form of playing things differently in fairness. Four years ago in Russia, they won an entertaining final against Croatia by four goals to two.

We can but hope for more of the same this Sunday. But there is little chance Argentina will go toe-to-toe with Les Bleus.

One thing that is clear is that it will be pure talent, and if we want to embrace the World Cup in 2026, we could do a lot worse than get used to watching the spectacle.