Aquaox Water Filters


No one should need to invest in water outside of their home’s tap water which should offer an affordable, safe, and delicious glass if the system has proper care and filtration like those provided by Aquaox water filters. Unfortunately, a lot of people take advantage of bottled water, nothing offensive to the environment, the budget, and it turns out not as healthy as most would imagine. 

An ideal method for determining the quality of a local water supply is to read the annual report utility companies are bound by the laws to provide each consumer concerning information about any contaminants and how these could potentially affect the health of those residing in the home. 

The report breaks detected toxins from the previous year, helping you determine methods for protecting against the hazards, including investing in the type of filters offered by the Aquaox team. These mean to eliminate harmful particulates,

Bacteria, minerals, and other contaminants as fine as sand and sediment to leave clean, fresh, better tasting water with no odor. 

Filtration and Filters For Taps 

Claims suggest that the U.S. offers among the cleanest of the world’s drinking water, with a majority of the water systems complying with the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) guidelines. 

Most residents still prefer to use a filtration system or filters on their taps since these leave the supply with a better taste and helps to eliminate particles, minerals and relieve concerns over plumbing with the potential for lead. 

Depending on whether you fear health issues, a poor taste, or an offensive odor in your home, there are varied filters to resolve the numerous problems. The quality report is a guideline to help you select the ideal Aquaox filter for your system. 

You’ll find a multitude of sizes and shapes from which you can select depending on budget, need, and lifestyle. Some standard options include: 

– Simple Form Or Carafe 

These are among the most straightforward for use. The actual filter sits in a water pitcher that you simply fill with tap water and keep in the refrigerator. The carafe is an affordable, user-friendly option. Still, the lifespan for these pieces is brief, and this tool only has the capacity for filtering a limited supply with each pour. 

– Faucet Mounts 

You will screw this option directly onto the faucet with little effort. The downside is the pressure decreases with these attached, and not all faucets are accepting.

– The Countertop Filtration 

This option is best for filtering substantial amounts of water with no type of plumbing modifications. These will take up counter space without the capacity to work with all facets but have less chance for clogs than the simple carafe or that of the mounted faucet option. 

– Plumbing The Filter In 

An existing water pipe with the filter installed directly into it, typically under the sink, sometimes referenced as “under-the-sink filter,” might need a hole drilled into the top of the counter. These will take up your cabinet space plus modifications to the plumbing system. 

– Whole House (Also Referenced As Point-Of-Entry) System 

The water main or “point of entry” to the home has the system installed directly so that all of the supplies can run through it, including the laundry, kitchen, bathrooms. These offer a substantially longer lifespan than the others and are a budget-friendly method for eliminating rust, sediment, and in some scenarios, chlorine. 

The system does require a professional to install. Most of the units don’t remove other types of contaminants aside from these.

Selecting The Filter That’s Right For You 

In selecting the best Aquaox filtration system for you, one consideration is in determining the quantity of water that your household uses. Some of the systems allow for greater capacities than others. With the carafe, you’ll find perhaps several cups or even gallons peruse, while the mounted faucet option will work directly in accordance with the tap.

The priority is that the particular contaminants are eliminated to your satisfaction. Products generally offer suggestions on the packaging relating to the potential for reduction and with which contaminants, or you’ll find advertising giving this information with perhaps the percentage rate for removal. Go for guidance on safe drinking water. 

Also, a consideration when making a buying decision is maintenance. Parts need changing to prevent clogs periodically; you’ll need to consider the amount of care involved and the cost with replacement parts plus the overall life expectancy estimation for the filtration system; all these things factored in with the initial cost of the unit and any installation costs. 

Ranges in prices are vast, with carafes and mountings on faucets ranging up to $50 depending on the brand. The other options include under-the-sink, countertop, and point-of-entry falling between minimal $50 and as great as $900 again based on brand. 

In an ideal situation, it’s essential to reach out to an expert from a brand like Aquaox. The expert can assess your particular case along with the annual quality report to help discern which filtration system will accomplish the most significant benefit for your household as far as eliminating specific contaminants, what works with your lifestyle, and in your particular space. 

Final Thought 

Americans are fortunate in that the water is exceptional according to compliance with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations and shows as among the cleanest in the world. Still, that doesn’t mean it’s 100% suitable for drinking without any risk for potential health concerns. Find detailed signs tape water can be contaminated or unsafe to drink at

For this reason, many homeowners take the added precautions of placing filtrations systems with their drinking water. These can be in the way of a water pitcher, placing a mount on the tap, using a system under the sink, using one on the counter, or taking the optimum safety measure and applying a point-of-entry unit to the primary so that all supplies (kitchen, bath, and laundry) are filtered. 

You’ll get an idea from your yearly annual utility report and from speaking with an Aquaox pro which option will work ideally considering the contaminants you’re experiencing, level of maintenance required, and budgetary costs allotted. 

Each filtration in its own right offers its own set of pros and cons; ultimately, it’s a matter of personal preference based on the level of contaminants for elimination and how you want to proceed with that.