Annual Cybersecurity Symposium To Be Held in Charlotte


Hackers attempt to breach business cybersecurity systems every 39 seconds, but new research suggests that many employees lack training in protecting themselves. A recent survey from GetApp revealed that 43% of staff in government and business organizations are not receiving regular cybersecurity training. From not picking secure passwords to opening unsolicited emails, employees are constantly placing their company at risk. UNC Charlotte is attempting to educate workers by hosting the Annual Cybersecurity Symposium on October 16th of this year. The conference will promote online safety to Charlotte-based businesses as an integral part of a broader focus on physical security.

Cybersecurity in Charlotte

News of the Annual Cybersecurity Symposium has highlighted the problem that Charlotte, as well as other cities in the United States, have with cybersecurity. North Carolina is the 5th worst state in terms of losses due to online security breaches, amounting to $137 million in losses every year. It isn’t just the money stolen, however. Entire reputations of companies are also on the line, which damages the trust levels of customers.

North Carolina isn’t alone when it comes to online safety at work. Almost half of employees are not receiving regular cybersecurity training. 60% of companies which are successfully attacked will subsequently go out of business, so teaching security is essential for Charlotte’s economy. Moreover, small companies are most commonly affected, which is why this year’s Annual Symposium will focus on making cybersecurity easier and cheaper to learn.

Combining Physical and Online Security

Securing your physical building is just as important as protecting non-physical data. Hiring office security staff, installing commercial security camera systems, and fitting the latest alarm technology are vital components of any small or medium sized business. This strategy should be integrated with investing in the best online security systems and ensuring that staff are fully trained to use them effectively. Just as staff should know how to maintain and operate security cameras, they should be competent in working with cybersecurity systems.

The UNC Annual Cybersecurity Symposium is a chance for Charlotte based businesses to make much needed online safety improvements. A little bit of training and integration of physical and online security strategies will ensure that data is protected. This will save millions of dollars each year and stop smaller companies from going out of business after a breach.

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