Altistart 48 Soft Starter: Functions and Applications


The Altistart 48 Soft Starter is designed by Schneider Electric to offer smooth torque-controlled acceleration and deceleration of a 3-phase asynchronous motor with sophisticated electronic soft start-soft stop and six thyristor power configuration. They are used for heavy-duty or standard applications. The Altistart 48 is equipped with a patented state-of-the-art motor control algorithm called Torque Control System (TCS). 

Without the need for speed feedback, the Altistart 48 soft starter offers continuous starting and stopping independent motor loading rates, similar to a costly AC drive. This technology has set a benchmark for soft starters that manoeuvres the applied motor torque for numerous applications compared to the traditional voltage ramp soft starter with the current limit. 

When it comes to pumping applications, the Altistart 48 soft starters use Torque Control Systems to remove the long start and stop times. It is also helpful in eliminating hydraulic transients, and the crashing of check valves related to pump version voltage ramp soft starts. Thanks to the high-performance algorithm of this technology, Altistart 48 soft starter can make a significant contribution to easy setup and its robustness. 

The Altistart 48 is ready for use in a standard duty application when it is supplied. All the devices are equipped with an in-built keypad display that can modify the configuration or adapt to respective customer’s requirements. 


Altistart 48 soft starters offer deceleration and soft starting functionalities, functions for communicating with control systems, and functions to protect machine and motor. These functions are designed for use in heavy-duty applications such as chemical industries, food and beverage, and buildings.

Some of its applications and related functions are listed below: 

  • Pumps: They help control hydraulic transients by reducing pressure surges and valve surges. They also perform slow pressurization of fluid in lines. Additionally, they put less pressure on pipes and eliminate damage to irrigation spouts and filters, thereby reducing premature wearing of lines. This normal duty functionality also prevents overheating when the pump’s flow rate drops to a low level. 
  • Conveyors: This is also a normal duty function that helps in reducing shocks and slipping of belts. It also offers underload control to identify breaks as well as overload control to isolate faults. 
  • Fans & high inertia machines: Equipped with smoke extraction function, Altistart 48 soft starters can also detect overload caused due to clogging. It also helps in breaking torque on stopping. 


Here are some of the functions of Altistart 48 soft starters: 

  • Consists of display terminal 2 are useful in modifying or programming the monitoring functions to customize the application as per the customer’s individual needs. 
  • Offers consistent control of the torque supplied to the motor during acceleration as well as deceleration periods
  • Option to bypass the starter using a contractor 3 at the end of the starting period while preserving the electronic protection. 
  • Provides wide frequency tolerance for generator set power supplies
  • Comes with built-in motor thermal protection
  • Gives protection against underloads and overloads in a steady-state
  • Monitoring of the start time

Altistart 48 soft starters are designed to present you with the advantages of patented Torque Control Systems (TCS). These systems are ready for immediate setup and come equipped with simple wiring as well as additional communication functions. It is effortless to integrate into your application with ease. Remember to first consult with an electrical professional and understand your unique requirements before making any electrical decision!