All You Need to Know About LEI Code


Did you know that financial transactions around the globe are never proposed without the issuance of an LEI? Yes. So, you might be wondering what actually is an LEI code and who introduced it, how is worked upon and what is its purpose. We will be answering all these questions in this blog shortly.

The LEI system came into play as a response to the financial crisis and is determined to improve transparency in financial data systems. Presently, there are various ways of discerning entities across various market levels and countries. However, the Global LEI System (GLEIS), when completely functional can make sure that there is just one standardized system. There are multiple regulations among the sphere that needs the use of LEI system. However, the main idea of Global Legal Entity Identifier is to untangle, standardize and offer the ease of identification of any legal entity around the globe. If you wish to know more about LEI system and the relevant mechanism, you can check it out here.

Let’s brief a bit about the questions you might be having.

What Is an LEI Code?

The Legal Entity Identifier is a 20-character alphanumeric identifier that is used to identify legal entities all over the world. Each LEI is one-of-a-kind: it is assigned only once to each legal entity and cannot be assigned to another. Because each legal person is only given one LEI, it is an exclusive identification. The Legal Entity Identifier does not take the place of a company’s national registry code.

What Is the Purpose of LEI Code?

The LEI system was created in reaction to the financial crisis, and it aims to improve financial data system transparency. There are numerous methods for identifying entities in different marketplaces and nations at the moment. When fully functional, the Global LEI System (GLEIS) will make sure that there is only one standard system. There are several regulations that necessitate the usage of LEIs in different countries. However, the major goal of the Global Legal Entity Identifier is to make it easier to identify any legal entity wherever in the globe.

How Can You Obtain LEI Code? 

There are generally 2 prescribed methods through which you can access LEI code for your respective legal entity or organization. GLEIF authorized that this code can only be issued through the services called the local operating units or LOUs. Let us look at the 2 methods by which you can avail the services of this code.

  • Without the requirement for an account, LEI Register provides a simple and convenient registration form. Customers can fill out the form fast either manually or utilising the enterprise data autofill feature. The autofill option for company data improves the user experience and accelerates the LEI registration procedure.
  • The LEI Lookup website also can be used to register for an LEI. LEI Lookup is a website dedicated to providing LEI code information, including one with a complete LEI Search engine, as well as LEI code enrolment and renewal. LEI registration on the LEI Lookup site is simple and efficient, with the option of using the entity data autocomplete feature or manually entering the data.

To recap, the LEI establishes a link between a legal entity and its important reference data (name, location, etc.). For many supervisory purposes, the LEI permits legal entities engaging in global capital markets to be verified.