Advantages of Bow Windows Installation


To understand the benefits and drawbacks that exist between bay windows and bow windows, it is important to know what these windows look like, their appearance, and how they work. In this way, it becomes very simple to determine whether they are of value to us or not. 

Fast forward, a bay window can be described as a window that conspicuously sticks out of the building. On the other hand, bow windows are almost the same as bay windows, the only difference strikes when you examine the shape. The shape of a bow window is curved as its name suggests, and bow windows installation comes with several perks, just like bay windows.


Some of the advantages one is likely to attain from having this type of window area are listed below.

Added space

Bow windows are typically protruded outside hence an extra space in your home. The extended parts may usually be big and may provide room even for an entire working space or a piano place. Also, it is known to create an impression of a larger space, henceforth, if your rooms are small, a bay or bow window may help in making it appear to be large. 

More Natural Light

Owing to the fact the windows are bigger, it automatically shows that the lighting in the room is very good. Another factor that boosts this property is the fact the windows protrude outside, and the possibility of experiencing a shade or a blockage of light is almost near too null. They are fitted with huge flankers that facilitate the free flow of air and light into the room.


The attractiveness of these windows lies in the manner they are built. They are appealing and gorgeous. They create a higher sense of value to the owner. The sweetness of a home lies in the sophistication of simple architecture to bring out exemplary results. For those people considering selling their house later, it is a convenient idea to preserve the value of their home.


Choosing a bow or bay window will help you reduce the loss of heat and thereby increase energy-saving abilities. People who use this kind of window in their interiors have been able to join in the fight against wastage of energy in the ecosystem. These windows easily seal the heat and, in the end, the users enjoy extremely reduced energy bills while enjoying good ventilation from this window.


Some of the cons associated with the installation of this kind of window are outlined below:

Some may bring lots of lights into the room

Having good lighting in the room is very good. A disadvantage comes in when the lighting comes in during the wrong time. An example is fitting this kind of window near bedrooms. It is highly disadvantageous as the lighting in the morning can be a good source of inconvenience and even cause a lack of sleep in people. In baby’s rooms also, it should be discouraged as most babies find it hard to sleep with huge amounts of lighting.

Hard to maintain

This kind of window needs frequent maintenance, especially during dusting and washing the windows. These windows are designed in a manner whereby washing them is very difficult. A lot of energy and extra equipment need to be incorporated for one to have a successful wash of the windows. The hustle involved in cleaning is very long and eventually the individual responsible will end up using so much time doing the cleaning.


For one to successfully install this window, it is quite obvious that one has to part with huge chunks of dollars. They are sophisticated and their installation process, time, machinery, and labour are very inflated. These windows are for those who have financial freedom and can go through the entire process of installation without harming their budgets. The price will be increased further if one needs to install larger panels

Bay and bow windows are appealing and energy-saving to the people using them. The good thing about them is that in the end, one will end up saving a lot on the electricity bill. One important thing, however, is that the budgets of these windows are quite high, and individuals are advised to examine the offer carefully before they indulge in any form of construction activity.