Abandoned Puppy Gets A New Chance At Life With Prosthetic Limbs


A precious young puppy was recently rescued from the side of the road with an extremely unusual condition – he lost his hind feet for unknown reasons.

Young Benson was rescued by a stranger and brought to Hartman’s Haven Dog Rescue in Catawba County where they immediately gave him medication for his heart-worms and starting thinking about how they might be able to help him walk again.

His uneven hind limbs were so debilitating that they were causing severe damage to his hips and his spine already at only 2 years old.

The group was eventually about to set Benson set up with life-saving prosthetics that fit over his legs to help him walk and play. The new limbs cost about $3,000, and when that’s added to the shots and other medical costs for Benson, Hartman’s has already spent over $5,000 helping Benson get back on his feet – literally.


Benson is now working hard at re-training his body to walk and play with his new hind-legs. In the beginning spent about an hour a day wearing them, building up muscle strength and adjusting to walking properly. Eventually the hope is he’ll be able to wear them all the time without even noticing that they’re there.

If you’d like more information about Benson or any of the other animals at Hartman’s Haven Dog Rescue, you can visit their website here and their Facebook page here.