A to Z of Bar Stools Selection for Home and Pub


Bar stools and counters have long become an integral part of the interior not only in various pubs and nightclubs but also in many cafes and even homes. The business owners fell in love with them for their design, simplicity, functionality, and, of course, compact size, which allows optimal use of the available square meters.

Moreover, slowly but surely, the bar furniture penetrates into residential buildings, becoming a real decoration of a modern kitchen or living room. Do you want to buy commercial bar stools with backs for your home or pub? Well, there are hundreds of different models for every taste, so you will have plenty of options to choose from.

Types of Bar Stools and Selection Tips

When choosing these pieces of furniture, you need to pay attention to 3 indicators: the type of construction, the level of comfort provided, and the material from which they are made. Now, let’s pay more attention to these points:

1)     Comfort

Depending on the level of comfort, bar chairs are divided into:

  • Plain stools – this is the best option for bars and night clubs with a lot of traffic. There are many people who want to drink here, and they won’t sit on a plain stool for a long time;
  • Chairs with a small back – this is a great option for a cafe. Here you can not only drink a cocktail but also enjoy dessert and coffee;
  • Semi-chairs with a back and armrests – this is the most comfortable of all. Usually, they are bought by expensive restaurants, the visitors of which are very demanding.

Bar stools for the kitchen do not have any special differences. But if you are going to use the bar countertop as your main dining place, then we strongly recommend you to buy comfortable semi-chairs. In addition, if the family has a child, then it is better to purchase adjustable bar stools for the kitchen and living room, which we will talk about below.

2)     Construction

By type of construction, chairs are divided into:

  • Standard: Regular high bar stools without any additional features.
  • Adjustable: They allow you to adjust the seat height of the chair. We also recommend choosing models with a rotating seat, they are more comfortable.
  • Foldable: These chairs take up little space not only during usage but also during storage.

3)     Material

Finally, depending on the material, there are:

  • Chairs on a metal frame;
  • Wooden barstools;
  • Plastic models.

If you prefer chairs with soft seating, then be sure to pay attention to their upholstery. It is better if it is high-quality leather, for example, eco-leather. These chairs look great and are easy to maintain. A thick cloth will also work, as long as it is easy to clean when needed.

Perhaps you already have an idea of ​​what kind of chair you need. So, take the time to make your final choice. Good luck!