A Company Has Opened Up North Carolina’s Haunted Battleship To Overnight Tours


The State of North Carolina is packed with legends, history, and many places rumored to be haunted.

Perhaps one of the most storied and eerie places in our state is the USS North Carolina Battleship – one of World War II’s most decorated warships.

According to Ghost Hunts USA, “This battleship that now commemorates the veterans and 11,000 North Carolinians that lost their lives in World War II, is a hotbed of paranormal activity that has drawn attention from investigators and enthusiasts from all over the globe”

The exterior of the ship has an eery silence about it;


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Looking out the bridge on the USS NORTH CAROLINA

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The battleship still includes fully stocked hospital rooms;


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Welcome to sickbay

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Looking through the long-gone soldiers’ belongings and living quarters is truly hard to describe, especially considering the tragedies and horrors the crew witnessed from within the ship’s cold steel walls.

You can now experience the spooky sounds and feelings during Ghost Hunt’s USS North Carolina Tours during the day between 10am – 4pm and their far creepier overnight ghost hunt between 7:30pm – 3am