A Guide on How to Measure Windows and Doors


If you are planning to embark on updating your Oakville windows or doors in your house, understanding how to measure windows and doors will come in handy. This offers you strong grounds when it comes to your conversation with a door and window conversation and it is a good starting point when shopping for the new windows for your project.

It doesn’t matter the reason why you are considering new doors or windows-the measuring step should be gotten right from the start, rest you could end up with wrong measurements and hence oversize or undersize windows. This could turn out to be costly, especially where you have to resize the windows. It is also time-consuming. So, to make the process of taking measurements for the Oakville windows and doors, here at Total Home Oakville, we have compiled this guide to help you throughout the process. Take a sneaky peek below.

  • 3 Simple Steps for Measuring Patio Oakville Windows and Doors

When measuring your Oakville windows and doors, have a recording material for the measurements. You can use online software to help you keep the readings, or you can use a notebook for the same (whichever works best for you). What is important is ensuring you keep the records safe so you can present them when needed. 

Measure the height and the width, and then note them down. For precision, repeat the measurement and see if you will notice any difference between the two measurements.

Because Oakville windows and doors come in different styles and designs, use the following guidelines for accuracy:

  • Awning and Casement Windows
  • Use the base to measure the width of these types of windows. Your tape measure should touch jamb to jamb or trim to trim while running horizontally.
  • Their heights are measured by running the tape measure from header to sill horizontally, or from drywall to sill.
  • Put these measurements on your recording material so that you do not forget.
  • Sliding, Double or Single-Hung Windows
  • The width of these windows is taken from the center. To determine the mid-point of the windows, check where the sashes meet. There you have it. Your tape measure should touch jamb to jamb horizontally or from trim to trim.
  • Use your tape measure vertically to measure the height of your Oakville windows. It should touch the header to sill or drywall to the sill.
  • Note down the measurements after you are done on each side.
  • Hinged French Patio or Sliding Doors
  • These doors are best measured from the outside. So, you have to get outside your home so you can be facing your door from this side.
  • The width measurement is taken from the middle point of the door. Since these doors are fitted in different home designs, measure them from siding to siding horizontally from the center. Other ends include from stucco to stucco or from brick to brick.
  • The horizontal measurements record the height of your door. They can be from siding to the door sill’s bottom, edge of stucco to the door sill’s bottom, or header to the door sill’s bottom.
  • The most important step of the measuring process is to record the height and width measurements.
  • Measuring Entry Doors
  • Position your tape measure at the center of your door and measure its width horizontally from this point. Let your tape measure touch your door panel from end to end.
  • The vertical measurements from your panel’s end to end help you collect the height of your door. 
  • Note down these measurements properly on your recording material for future reference. 

Once you are done measuring your units, it is time to go shopping. With the right dimensions and a manufacturing style in mind, you can approach several reputable suppliers for the purchase and installation. Slow down while selecting a match so you don’t end with the most expensive supplier in the market offering the same products and services as fellow competitors.