A Cry For Help: 5 Signs That Someone is Experiencing Sexual Abuse


When you know someone is a victim of sexual abuse, they find it hard to cope with the trauma of the incident. Up until now, sexual abuse is very rampant in society, but not everyone is aware that it has already happened to them. Unfortunately, not all victims of sexual abuse can voice out their pain, report to the authorities the unfortunate event, and go through the protective order process to prevent contact with the abuser.

Anyone who has been a victim of sexual abuse may pose some signs that could indicate if a person has been sexually molested. If you notice any of these signs mentioned below, consider talking to that person and helping them get the justice they deserve. 

Pain in the Genital Area 

Victims of sexual abuse usually feel discomfort, pain, or irritation in their genital area. Sometimes they even find it hard to sit properly or even walk straight. This pain is due to forcing the abuser into unwanted sexual intercourse without any consent from the victim. 

Also, victims tend to feel discomfort when they wash their genital area or even show some bloodstains in their panties. If you see any of these signs from your children, it may be a clear indication that your child has been sexually abused.

Typically, children who have been victims of sexual abuse open up to their mother; however, if the mother is also the person behind the unlawful act, children resort to disclosing the event to a teacher or a close friend. A physical examination would be required to confirm if someone is a victim of sexual abuse. Still, before doing the necessary procedure, it will be best to inform both the caretaker and the victim of the evaluation process. 

Experience Difficulty in Managing Their Emotions 

Emotional changes are also very rampant among individuals who have been sexually abused. They tend to experience changes in emotions and sudden mood swings. Also, they may show signs of crying for no reason and are confused. They may also show some signs of lowering self-confidence and self-efficacy. 

You might also notice that these victims become more silent and distance themselves from the usual. The fear instilled in them from the traumatic experience gives them anxiety and confusion about what is the right thing to do. If not given the proper help, they might resort to self-harm or other mental illness that will not benefit them. So, if you know someone showing signs of sexual abuse, talk to them and hire an abuse lawyers to help you fight for your case. 

Sudden Changes in Behavior 

Behavioral changes are one of the most obvious signs to look after to know whether someone is crying for help from being sexually harassed. Often, the victim will become aggressive most times and have trouble sleeping at night, and in addition to this, having regular nightmares during sleep results in them having a fear of going to sleep every night. 

Additionally, some people try to regress to infantile behavior as a defense mechanism from the anxiety they are experiencing. They may also possess an abnormal interest in sex that is considered inappropriate, especially for a child’s young age, and use inappropriate sexual language.

Take note also to ask the meaning of the words they associate with their genital area as some people who are victims of sexual abuse are told other words for their body parts so that the abuser will not be exposed. 

Avoiding a Specific Person 

If a child shows a sign that they suddenly dislike someone or tend to avoid a certain person, they may find that person as someone who is disturbing them. Victims of this case may show that they dislike someone and are afraid of spending time alone with them. In cases like this, do not force the victim to be alone with someone if they are uncomfortable, especially if they are still a child. 

Difficulty in Concentrating 

Due to the trauma brought to the victims, there is no wonder why their minds become preoccupied and would have a tough time concentrating. Children who were studying and were victims of sexual abuse will reflect on the way they perform in class and how their grades would shift from high to suddenly dropping

Learning for them may be hard as they can get their mind off of the traumatic experience they have been into. In times like this, it’s best to make the victim feel you are a person who will help them. Victims may also have some recurrent flashbacks of what happened to them, which could take up most of their attention, and think they may lose control of their lives. 


No one deserves to be sexually abused. Even though it is rampant in society, not everyone has the courage to report their abusers to fear that something more terrible might happen. Thus, it is always best to be observant and watch out for signs that the people around you are showing.

If you suspect any suspicious activity that someone may have been a victim of sexual abuse, never hesitate to help that person and hire a competent lawyer who could guide and fight for your case.