A Comprehensive Guide to Create Custom Badge Buddies for your Medical Facility


Medical facilities are diverse places, with workers leading a variety of roles at various levels. Your healthcare personnel should be easily identifiable, ensuring everyone can recognize the staff and view their details at a glance.

You will find durable, role-recognition cards that can hang behind a slotted ID card very resourceful for such applications. Badge buddies are perfect accessories, specifically designed to function alongside your staff’s existing ID cards. These badges are slightly scaled-up than the standard IDs, with a bright-colored strip at the bottom to highlight specific information. Every medical establishment follows different formats for their ID badges, and here’s how you can create customized ID badges for your medical facility.

Choose an Eye-catchy Color

Your facility would have key hospital staff, including doctors, nurses, RN, LPN, LVN and many more. A colored badge buddy role card with the existing ID badge can help staff and patients to distinguish between other medical practitioners in the facility easily.

The color strip can help you coordinate the job titles with a specific color. Leading dealers offer bold colors, which are visible even from a distance. You could fix the color for each profile, including administrative staff. For instance, blue would be best for vocational nurse badges.

Customize with Visible Staff Title Print

Your medical establishment will indeed have staff members holding titles, such as a doctor, nurse, assistant, respiratory therapist, to name a few.

With visible staff titles on the badges, you can reduce the time needed to identify qualified medical practitioners. It thus improves your team’s response time for meeting your patients’ needs.

For instance, a pathology assistant can have a badge buddy with the title printed inside a teal color border. Top outlets offer blank and custom badge buddies to customize the job title and highlight it on both sides, the way you want for your staff. 

Customize with the Required Orientation

Typically, the medical staff wears a badge buddy with their existing ID scheme, either having a vertical or horizontal orientation. More importantly, you might update the ID cards every year as a security measure. 

You can request bulk orders from reputable stores and get horizontal and vertical options for your crew, which they can attach to their lanyards like their ID cards. For example, you could go for a horizontally-oriented badge buddy, with a red color coding for physicians. While the badge fits nicely under the ID card, it will help people in your facility know their credibility.

Create a Badge Buddy with High Rigidity

Owing to their job profile, your medical staff would need badge buddies with high rigidity. Leading marketers in this arena offer options in Teslin and that are fully laminated. 

The best part is, while the critical posts get these highly-rigid badges, you can offer similar options for technicians handling even ultrasound and medical records.

Choose the Best-suitable Attachment Type

Your staff would already be wearing their ID cards. The attachment type you choose should let them add their badge buddy to their lanyard the same way their ID card does.

Leading online stores offer options like slot holes, adhesive and locking snap. You can match them with vertical or horizontal orientation and design a custom badge buddy for your team. Some even offer In-a-snap isolation alert clasps, which are very useful for quickly identifying and alerting medical caregivers of isolated patients.

Customize with Robust Material Type

In some scenarios, your staff may work in a harsh environment. It is best to choose a rigid material for the badge buddy that won’t wither under moisture or simple scuffing to make it perfect for all working conditions.

Top online retailers offer plastic, vinyl, and Tyvek materials, making the badge buddy water-resistant, tough to tear, and ready for long-term use in rugged conditions.

Select the Right Insert Size

The insert size you decide for your badge buddy should be the right size, ensuring it retrofits onto your pre-existing ID scheme.

Typically, named dealers offer options like 3 and 4 inches insert size for horizontal orientation. At the same time, they present 2 and 3 inches for vertical possibilities. These work perfectly with standard ID card dimensions.

Summing up

Today, a medical facility needs more than just an ID card to identify its key role players. The sophisticated badge buddies make it convenient to see each staff member’s title by displaying it large and bold underneath the ID card. Within a moment, you will know if you are speaking to a Doctor or an Assistant.

Enroll a reputable dealer to place bulk orders for top-quality pieces that match your medical establishment’s mission and vision. While allowing your staff to show their job title proudly, you can use the power of a badge buddy to provide essential identification information at a glance.