A Comprehensive Guide to Bingo Games


Many people have started seeing bingo games as one of the modern day games, and this is down to the level of popularity that the games has garnered in this modern times. But we have to understand that that belief is simply hanging on a very false premise.

It would be recalled that bingo, which is full of fun, and which stands as one of the simplest games you can play out there, has been in existence since the 16th century, with the name ‘Beano’. It was in the years that followed that it acquired the name bingo, and that went ahead to become its official name.

However, because people were always out there working to make ends meet, and having little or no time to visit the bingo halls, the game started seeing a decline in popularity. However, with the arrival of the internet, with its unlimited opportunities, bingo games saw a new frontier to soar. 

Lovers of the game can now enjoy it round the clock. Thanks to sites like BingoSites who make finding and choosing the best bingo sites to play at an easy task and you can now play from anywhere and at any time, with their smartphones and laptops. If you’ve heard a lot about this simple game and want to have a feel and know what it’s like on your mobile device, we have developed a bingo bingo that will be very helpful to you.

Online Bingo Gameplay

Though many things have changed about bingo games within the last century, the major gameplay and the rules are untouched. Now, the online bingo works with the same rule as the bingo played in the brick and mortar casinos, and below are some of the major rules of bingo games;

  1. You need to purchase your bingo ticket from the bingo site with real money. This works like the fee that people pay to play at the bingo halls in the land based casinos. While you pay nothing to enter the online bingo site, you must pay something to get the bingo ticket.
  2. When the organizer or dealer has sold all the bingo tickets, and every interested player has purchased theirs, the bingo game will now kick off.
  3. To start the game, the website announces the first number, and any player that has the announced cuts it or crosses it.
  4. After the first number has been announced and crossed, the other numbers are also announced one after the other, and the holders of the numbers continue crossing them. The player that cuts off his entire numbers first becomes the winner of the biggest prize in the game.
  5. The next step will now rest completely on the bingo site you chose to play on. In some bingo sites, the game ends after the first winner cuts all their cards. But for others, there is room for the second player to cut his number, and some may even give room for the third.

Advantages of Playing Online Bingo Games

Now, while the same rules apply to both the online and offline bingo games, it is good to point out that playing online bingo comes with some benefits above playing bingo at the brick and mortar casinos. Now, you may not gain more rewards through these benefits, but you will enjoy simplified and easier gaming through them. They are listed as follows;

Versatility– in the online version, you will have access to different varieties of bingos because of the increased accommodation space on the web. Because of this, the online bingo sites will present you with more games. While these new games you will have here are not different from the others in substance, they differ in features and characteristics, plus they come with lots of twists and turns.

Win Hit– how do you explain the game informing you that you are on the path to winning? Now, to prevent players from missing out when it’s time to make the bingo call, they do not need to have their eyes on their cards all the time. This is because online bingos will remind you with beeps or alerts that you are close to the win.

Autosort– in the online bingo sector, the best card is sorted out by the computer and handed to you. With this, you will have increased winning chances while playing.

Auto-play– in some occasions, something very important and urgent may come up while you are enjoying some bingo sessions. But you should not worry, because the auto-play option will cover for you. When you set this and move to other things, your card is automatically cut for you if you are the winner.