9 Ways Nurses Can Up-Skill Without Spending Too Much


Nurses are one the busiest people on earth. Handling emergencies, looking after patients, and cooperating with other healthcare professionals are a few tasks that nurses perform daily. During their busy schedule, finding the time for themselves can be difficult, and the mere thought of going back to nursing school to pursue an advanced degree can be petrifying. Nevertheless, every nurse knows how crucial expert skills and extra training are for their career.  

Excelling in one’s profession is everybody’s dream, and nurses are no different. Advancing in the nursing profession opens up doors to new opportunities. Nurses grow not only personally but also professionally. They learn new skills and the latest knowledge that improves the care they provide to patients. Despite these benefits, excelling in nursing can be difficult for many nurses, as it demands time and money. Online degree programs are the best option for nurses looking to up-skill their practice. These online degrees provide the chance to study while you practice. Moreover, they often provide scholarships that help lessen the monetary burden. Similarly, the expense of daily commute to campus is absent. 

Following are nine ways nurses can up-skill without spending too much. 

  • Study Master of Science in Nursing

Online MSN programs are not only beneficial but also easy on the pocket. These programs improve critical thinking and analytical skills. Moreover, they also expand nurses’ current knowledge and provide a chance to specialize. For example, online PMHNP programs give nurses a chance to specialize in mental health issues by teaching courses like pathophysiology, psychiatric diagnosis, and pharmacology. Similarly, such programs strengthen resilience, communication, and adaptability within nurses. 

  • Get a Bachelors of Science in Nursing

If you wish to excel in your nursing career but are unsure which specialization to choose, BSN programs are for you. BSN programs are available for nurses who are looking for better career opportunities. With a BSN, your chances of working in magnet hospitals with highly experienced individuals increase. Moreover, your demand and salary in the healthcare system will also increase. Nurses with BSN can provide superior patient care due to their better knowledge. In addition, they can face modern health challenges bravely. 

  • Complete An Online Certification Program

Another great way to excel in your nursing career is by earning a certificate. To earn a certificate, you can complete various educational programs. Many universities offer certification programs in nursing that are free or cost $2000. These programs help nurses to increase their nursing knowledge on a particular topic. Moreover, they get information on additional subjects as well. For example, a program in nursing studies- diet therapy focuses on developing diet plans, treatment through diet modification, and the importance of diet in patient care. Such programs take four to twelve weeks or a year to complete, and the certificate you receive on completion is a plus for your career, as more employers will approach you. 

  • Join a Training Program

Training programs are very similar to certification programs, but they differ in learning techniques. Certificate programs provide theoretical-based learning, while training programs provide hands-on practice. Training programs are free and offer credits to nurses. An example of such a program is a nursing home infection-prevention training course. The center for disease control and prevention provides this course to nurses. Nurses learn to prevent and identify different infections. Moreover, nurses study the determinants, treatment, and surveillance procedures for diseases. Therefore, nurses learn to practice sterilization and disinfection techniques, calculate disease statistics, and manage vaccines and antibiotics.         

  • Take An Online Leadership Program

If you wish to change the healthcare system for good, choose an online leadership program. Online leadership programs are for nurse leaders, and it costs around $4000. These programs teach nurses courses that focus on leadership and management. Nurses learn to manage resources, lead healthcare organizations, and develop relationships with other sectors of society. Moreover, nurse leaders develop policies, bring change and improve patient outcomes. Thus, these programs help nurses gain good communication, conflict resolution, and teamwork abilities. 

  • Stay Up To Date

If you do not want to enroll in any course, you can broaden your knowledge by staying updated. You can subscribe to various nursing journals or follow online nursing databases to stay informed. Likewise, you can regularly read the articles and information available on these platforms to understand what is currently going on in the nursing world. Moreover, nurses can attend nursing conferences in their area to remain updated on current policies. 

  • Use Social Media To Your Benefit

We all can spend hours on social media. Why not benefit from our continuous scrolling? An easy and entertaining way of upskilling your nursing practice is by utilizing social media. Follow various expert nurses on different social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. Listen to their career stories and what steps they took to excel. Observe how they practice and what tips and tricks they give. Similarly, many groups on Facebook provide young nurses a platform to discuss queries, expand knowledge, and seek training.

  • Find A Role Model

During your years working as a nurse, you will meet many highly skilled individuals, and most of these individuals will be willing to teach you a thing or two about nursing. Learn from such an expert individual. Choose one as your mentor and ask for their guidance when necessary. Not only is the information they provide free but also tested.   

  • Take BSN To DNP Nursing Programs

Whenever a nurse plans to choose a Doctor of nursing practitioner program, the fear of massive tuition fees stops them. However, that is not the case with every DNP program. Many affordable options under $35,000 are available. Some programs even have a tuition fee of $24,000. No matter which program you choose, the benefits of a DNP are numerous. Nurse with DNP are experts in their field.

Whether you are a nurse or not, advancing in your career is vital for your growth. However, as a nurse, you must stay up to date and deliver state-of-the-art care. You have to treat patients, control disease, and promote health. The nine tips given above can help you augment your current nursing knowledge and sharpen your skills.