9 Tips to Save Money on Your Electric Bill for your Home Business


With the coronavirus pandemic, some people have lost their jobs or their source of income. That is why running a home business is one of the best options to earn money for a lot of people. 

As a business owner, you always want to cut costs and increase profits. One way to do that is to find ways to save on your energy consumption. Here are tips we’ve listed to help you with doing just that.

Save money on home business equipment.

You will always need equipment whatever kind of business you’re running, even at home, you’d need things like computers, printers, copiers, refrigerators, ovens, thermostats, ceiling fans, air conditioners, and other equipment. Here are tips to help your business at home to save energy costs for those equipment.

  • Use a Laptop Computer Instead

If you are running a home business, you are definitely using either a desktop computer or a laptop. Did you know you can save cost on electricity if you ditch your desktop computer and use a laptop computer instead? 

In contrast with a desktop computer, laptops have a maximum draw of 60 watts, while desktop computers can reach 175 watts. With this information alone, you can already prove how much you can save using a laptop computer.

  • Use the hibernation or “sleep mode” feature of computers and laptops

If you can’t ditch your desktop computer yet for some reason, another way to save cost in electricity is to take advantage and make use of the hibernation or “sleep mode” feature to save power during inactivity.

  • Purchase ENERGY STAR qualified equipment.

When acquiring equipment either for business or personal use, it is best to make sure it is ENERGY STAR-qualified. Equipment or any energy-driven devices with the ENERGY STAR logo only means that it is one of the most energy-efficient equipment/devices.

  • Use a power strip or unplug equipment when not in use.

Did you know the equipment that remains plugged in when not in use still consumes energy? Many devices consume a small amount of power even when turned off. It is the very reason why you need to unplug all equipment or devices after using them. Another way to address this problem is to use a power strip to quickly cut off all power to the equipment/devices with one push on the off switch.

Save money on lightings.

We always use lights to light our homes, either running a home business or simply staying at home. Here are saving tips to save money on lights.

  • Turn the lights off

Sure, we need lights, but bad habits can cost us more on our electric bills. The most common bad habit is leaving the lights on even if you don’t need or use them. It might not seem much, but turning off the lights when you don’t use them helps save money on your electric bill. You can also take advantage of the natural daylight. Turn off lights in the morning if you have adequate sunlight to light your home.

  • Install a light occupancy sensor

Installing a light occupancy or motion sensor is also an excellent way to help save on electric bills, especially for those who have bad habits of leaving unnecessary lights on. This way, even if you forgot to turn off the lights in a room, the sensor will turn it off if you left that room. Aside from turning unnecessary lights off, there are other ways to reduce your electric bills on lighting. Have you considered buying energy-saving lighting?

  • Use energy-saving lighting

Looking at your home, you’ll see that you have a lot of light bulbs installed, and you’re still using ordinary lights. Another way to save money is to switch on energy-saving lighting like halogen bulbs, compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), and light-emitting diodes (LEDs). 

Energy-saving lighting lasts ten times longer than ordinary lights, and by switching to these kinds of lights, you can save up to 80 percent of the amount of energy you used.

Save money by switching energy providers. 

You can also save money by simply switching energy providers. Whether you’re looking for energy providers in San Antonio or Dallas,  here’s how you can do it.

  • Take advantage of deals and promotions.

Most energy providers offer or announce deals and promotions from time to time. Check their websites and follow their social media pages to update their sales and promotions. Some offer the first month or a couple of months for free, and many other discounts. Wait for your current contract to expire then you can switch to a new energy provider.

  • Research competitive Fixed-rate plans

Why fixed-rate plans? It’s because fixed-rate plans are predictable and can make budgeting easier. By researching competitive fixed-rate plans, you might find a cheaper option in contrast with your current provider. With this tip alone, you can already see how much you will save for months or even a year in your home business.

In Conclusion

There are many ways to save money on your electric bill; it even includes changing bad habits. And being a well-informed energy consumer can help you save money and help your home business. Use the information above to help you profit and prosper as a business owner.