83 Members of The ‘Bloods’ Were Arrested Yesterday – Largest Gang Sweep in Charlotte’s History


Local law enforcement agencies are now calling yesterday’s raid one of the largest gang indictments in North Carolina history.

A total of 83 alleged ‘Blood’ members (United Blood Nation gang – “Nine Trey Gangsters” local wing) were arrested around the Charlotte region Thursday morning on a slew of criminal charges.

The official 162-page indictment shows an elaborate criminal network that connects a web of seemingly unrelated crimes throughout the Charlotte region over the past several years, including murder, racketeering, firearms trafficking, and armed robbery.

The roundup involved over 600 law enforcement officers from over 12 different local and federal agencies. It was initiated by the Trump administration’s new initiative to fight gangs by “unleashing all the law at our disposal.”

According to the official report, all 83 of the suspects are now being held without bond until their hearings next week.

Some of the most wanted gang members from the arrest included:

  • Shakira Monique Campbell, a/k/a “Lady Rage,” 23, of Charlotte
  • James Baxton, a/k/a “Frank White,” 43, incarcerated in New York
  • Bianca Kiashie Harrison, a/k/a “Lady Gunz,” 27, of Raleigh
  • Quincy Delone Haynes, a/k/a “Black Montana,” 38, Shelby
  • Wesley Javon Howze, a/k/a “Drama,” 21, incarcerated in North Carolina
  • Travis Cordell McClain, a/k/a “Fridaay Daa Thuurteenth,” 25, of Charlotte
  • Lavon Christopher Turner, a/k/a “Hungry,” 27, Charlotte
  • Peatrez Lamar Teaste, a/k/a “P-Wheezy,” 24, of Myrtle Beach
  • Kolawole Olalekan Omotosho, a/k/a “Rugged Red,” 19, of Jacksonville