8 Ways to Personalize Wedding Planning


A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event that allows a couple to express their love for one another and appreciate those who have supported them on their journey. Naturally, you want to do this in a way that is different from how any other bride and groom has done it in the past, a way that showcases both your personalities and your individual creativity and style.

There are several ways you can make your nuptials stand out. You can offer guests a customized food menu or a cocktail menu with quirkily named options. Break away from tradition and have a bridal speech, or do away with tried-and-tested wedding staples in favor of the love classics you grew up listening to. Here are more ideas you can consider as you plan your big day.

  1. Personalize Menu Options

Your typical wedding will have steak, fish, and chicken offerings, but you don’t have to conform to this norm. In keeping with the idea of sharing your love story, why not create a menu out of your and your soon-to-be spouse’s favorites? You could make things even more intimate by including the meal you had on your first date.

If you’re a pastry lover, you can lay a basket of fresh bagels or croissants on each table. You can treat your guests to a selection of customized dessert options.

  1. Add Custom Cocktails

Signature cocktails with names that reference your love story in some way can be a great way to give the day a more personal feel.

  1. Be Thoughtful About Vendors

Your choice of vendor will determine how well the vision of your personalized wedding will be delivered. So you can’t afford to simply go with the first florist or photographer that meets your price point. Before you sign a contract with any one vendor, insist on going through their portfolio or sampling their work.

Take the time to meet and interview each vendor and give them a clear idea of the direction you want to go.

  1. Choose Your Favorite Song For The Aisle

You don’t have to march down to “Here Comes The Bride” like your mum and aunts did. Flick through your Apple Music or Spotify library to find a song that tells your love story in a more personal way. It could be the song you and your groom-to-be first danced to.

  1. Personalize Your Table Names

The concept of table numbers were introduced to create a sense of order when sitting guests at your reception. But if you know the names of all your guests, you can take it a step further and put their names on the tables.

This will not only help you achieve organization in getting folks seated and served, but it will also give each guest a feeling of personal recognition from the bride and groom, especially if the names are as they are, font and all, in your custom wedding invitations.

  1. Add Photo Walls

Photo walls are a creative way to share your love story with guests. So sit down with your beloved and go through your photo albums, including the selfies taken on random outings. From these options, select a few that capture your most fun and sentimental moments for printing; you can then think of an ideal spot in your reception venue where you can place your photo collage. Your pictures can spice up conversations in an indoor cocktail reception.

  1. Personalize Décor Colors

Decoration colors offer you and your sweetheart the chance to really put your signature on your big day. Your choice of colors will convey your sense of style and set up the mood for the afternoon or evening. Begin by coming up with a theme for the day that tells your unique journey to love.

Choose colors to bring out your desired theme in the most beautiful way. As you choose your colors, it’s wise to think about the kind of pictures or video footage you want to immortalize the day. Think about how your chosen theme color will play out in the bridal party’s outfits and the venue.

Don’t be afraid to go for bolder colors that break from the more predictable color combinations seen in weddings.

  1. Include Your Favorite Songs For The Playlist

You don’t have to use the go-to list of wedding day instrumental songs to provide a backdrop for guests as they indulge and socialize. A curated mix of you and your lovebird’s personal favorites will make you and your guests feel more at home during the ceremony.

It’s Your Day

As much as you want to please and entertain your guests in appreciation of their contribution to your nuptials, don’t forget that it’s your special day. No doubt, there will be no shortage of opinions about what you should or shouldn’t do as you plan your wedding. It’s always worthwhile to heed sound advice from those who’ve been there before, but in the end, what should matter most is that your big day is personalized to match your distinct taste and style memorably.