8 Ways on How to Effectively Crack GRE Without Coaching


Graduate Record Exam, or GRE, is a test administered by ETS (Educational Testing Service) to assess graduates’ technical knowledge and readiness. Since GRE tests patterns, it is impossible to cram. The only way to increase your GRE score is to allocate adequate time to prepare.

While coaching is a great option to score well in an exam, it may not be necessary. You can follow a comprehensive self-study with dedication and discipline to achieve your desired score. 

Here are some tips to help you.

  1. Start Preparations Early

There is no doubt that the GRE is a detailed test that requires comprehensive preparation. To successfully ace the GRE, you need to start preparations early enough, at least 2 to 3 months. If possible, allocate about six months to go through the various topics and identify your weak and strong areas.

Nevertheless, there is no set time frame to prepare as this may vary from one individual to another. The point is to ensure that you get adequate preparation for the exam thoroughly.

2. Take Practice Tests

Like taking any detailed tests, one can get stressed and anxious, especially in the absence of optimum preparation. It is highly advisable to take practice tests to gain insight into what to expect in the main exam and prevent stress.By taking mock practice tests regularly, you will evaluate your performance and understand your weaker and stronger areas. What’s more, this can help hone your problem-solving skills to help you do better in the actual exam. You will also get accustomed to the real test conditions and pressure. You can get a free practice test from Magoosh,Manhattan or Kaplan

3. Understand Your Weak Areas

One benefit of taking practice tests is helping you understand and target your weak areas. It will help you learn your pace and the areas that you have the most challenge tackling. Once you know these areas, find suitable study material that will give you more knowledge and hone your skill in that area.

4. Come Up with a Study Plan

With the understanding of your strengths and weaknesses, you will have an easy time developing an effective study plan. While this may vary from one person to another, a good tip is to adhere to a regular GRE study plan. Identify the area that requires more preparation and allocate more time to improve your GRE score.

5. Carefully Choose Your Study Material

With thousands of GRE materials available for your study, you need to take time and choose from those that will be relevant for your study. Otherwise, you might get into a panic trying to cover all the materials rather than focusing on sharpening your skills for the weak areas.

Also, ensure that the CRE materials are sourced from reputable sources only. Besides, you can download the official GRE prep based-learning app for more preparation. You can also utilize an online calendar for a more detailed study plan.

6. Monitor Your Progress

If you want to raise your GRE score, it is critical to evaluate your GRE test score improvements. A good tip is to develop a consistent technique for measuring your daily or weekly progress after taking each GRE exam.

Doing this will give you insight into the questions you usually do so well and those that prove challenging. Self-evaluation will also enable you to understand your pacing on practice exams so you can make the necessary changes to improve your GRE score goal.

7. Hone Your GRE Vocabulary

The GRE Verbal Reasoning constitutes the Reading Comprehension section and the Vocabulary section. To ace the vocabulary section, read many blogs, magazines, novels, and newspapers to help build your vocabulary.

Generally, this will help you understand the meaning of words and use them. Also, you will have an easy time writing the essay when you improve your literacy skills.

8. Understand the Quantitative Section

The Quant section in GRE is challenging to score and requires proper preparation. Generally, this section covers the essential high school mathematics reasoning skill. It is more like a brain teaser and will require you to understand the tricky questions to solve them successfully. Come up with an effective strategy for solving them rather than looking for short solutions.


While the GRE is considered a challenging test, improving your GRE score without coaching is possible. Follow the above tips to sharpen your GRE study techniques and improve your scores. Most importantly, trust your gut when solving questions to make a rational decision.