7 Wellness Trends Taking Over in 2021


Traditional wellness routines left the chat in 2020, in the face of the global pandemic. With vacations canceled and spa facilities being forced to change their strategies, people have had to turn to ways of looking after themselves from the comfort of their own homes. With 2021 well underway and the wider society slowly starting to reopen its doors, people will be seeking new ways to find wellness. With this need for a reset, there are more accessible and deeper experiences emerging. Below is an overview of seven wellness trends set to take hold throughout 2021.

Community Care

There have been countless cases of community care throughout the pandemic, with societal inequalities being brought to life. There are suggestions that people will shift their care from being, ‘how does that benefit me?’ to, ‘how does this benefit the collective?’. Giving back to the community can be extremely cathartic and therapeutic, knowing that you’ve done your part to help the greater good. 


Another interesting trend to hit the scene is mewing, developed in the 70s but predicted to make a comeback. The process involves resting your mouth in a certain position in an attempt to correct a range of issues, including sleep apnea and crooked teeth. Those who practice this trend set their tongues towards the bottom of their mouth, with their lips together and their teeth close to touching. Largely thanks to YouTube, mewing is becoming more popular as the video giants are responsible for a plethora of trends. 

Flexible Goals

Micro goals have started to take precedent throughout 2021. People know that the world can change in an instant, and that their plans have to be flexible. This flexibility has rippled through people’s lives and trickled into their personal goal setting. This can be seen in the rise of weight management over weight-loss goals, i.e., looking after your overall health to reach the ultimate goal and be able to sustain it. 

Walk and Talk

With bars, restaurants, and other entertainment venues being closed, people turned to the great outdoors to find their Zen. It’s a proven fact that walking can be hugely beneficial for your mental health, so why not pair that with a long talk with a close friend, which is also proven to aid mental wellbeing? Further, due to safety concerns, therapists have been taking their appointments outside of the office, with some of them offering walk and talk programs. This style of therapy allows the client and counselor the chance to feel wholly connected within nature. 

Intuitive Eating

It is suggested that 2021 will see people eating with mindfulness and intuition, with people turning away from restrictive diets. Intuitive eating allows you to eat what you want on your terms but doesn’t go as far as devouring that tasty kebab after filling yourself with alcohol. Instead, it leans towards following your body’s instincts as to what it needs to feel better – even if that is a cheeky chicken wing or two. With intuitive eating, moderation is key – you just need to trust your internal systems. 

Digital Detoxes

Social media, news, and TV can be full of super negative energy, and we have the choice to block out the noise and see what we want to see. Living in the real world and casting your digital devices aside for a set amount of time can be extremely therapeutic – great days to do this are Sunday, because who needs drama on a Sunday? With your newfound quiet time, you can take yourself on long walks, do something creative, read a book, or connect with your feelings.  

Home Exercise

While gyms across the world were closed, peopled looked to keeping their tum slim at home. There was a boom in online workout videos, and even TV stations began running their own exercise classes. People who usually sat on the couch all day realized that they could control their exercise routine from the safety of their own home, with just ten minutes a day. 

Looking after yourselves and each other is important. Although things are different going into the end of the pandemic, we can begin to find new ways of finding our inner peace. The internet is full of innovative ways to up your wellness game. As an additional tip from this dentist in Oakbrook Terrace, you should also still regularly consult a professional for medical checkups. With telehealth starting to be widely available, it’s become much easier for people to consult a doctor from the comfort of their homes.