7 Things That Every Instagram Marketer Should Know


Instagram marketing is terrifically popular nowadays. Companies and individuals are employing great strategies and tactics to increase their Instagram followers.

Instagram has become a massive space for companies and individuals to market their services and products. While several people are busy doing Instagram marketing, not everyone succeeds.

Various innovative methods are getting used by marketers and more keep on coming, making the list of tactics infinite. In this article, we have brought you some of the most famous techniques to increase your Instagram engagement. We have handpicked the top 7 things every Instagram marketer should know.

1. Use Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories is the best feature that you must include in your Instagram marketing strategy. In Stories, the content you post will be visible for up to 24 hours only. One of the biggest advantages of Instagram Stories is that you can even post lower quality content on them but it will still get a good reach.

You can add text, pictures, and videos to your Stories. They have a lot of features that can make them fun and entertaining for your followers. Features such as the boomerang, stickers such as question tags, polls, etc., lets you make your content interesting for your audience. You can also add URLs to your stories to make the users swipe up to reach a specific landing page or your other social media profile. Stories can also be utilized to make announcements for your brands.

2. Use Instagram tools

Instagram gives all business accounts free access to various types of tools. These tools are extremely helpful for marketers to understand their brand’s target audience.

Instagram Insights are one of the most powerful tools for markets on Instagram that they can use for free. It provides you with the demographics of your followers such as their age, country, gender, active times, etc. You should use this information to analyze the correct times to post Instagram content. Finding out the demographics of your audience is the key to unlocking better reach and engagement. The data provided is highly detailed and accurate. You can even get data for individual posts. It also shows which were your best performing posts in terms of engagement.

3. Purchase Instagram likes

Likes determine whether your followers are fond of your content or not. While many marketers say likes do not matter but trust us, they do. Having more likes increases the chances of your posts being promoted by the Instagram algorithm.

One of the best ways to gain a huge number of likes is to buy Instagram likes. Buying likes from trustworthy sellers and sites allow you to add them to the posts you choose. They also allow you to buy Instagram likes on a monthly subscription package. A large number of likes encourages people to like your content and share it when they see it.

4. Buy Instagram followers

Followers on Instagram are as important as Instagram likes. Many brands struggle to gain more Instagram followers. Buying followers on instagram can be a quick solution to your needs. Many legitimate sellers and sites sell real Instagram followers. They don’t use bots that literally harm your account. Real people with real Instagram accounts start to follow you, thus increasing your engagement.

This helps you to form real connections with potential customers of your products and services. Some websites also give you the option for deciding the country from which you want to buy followers.

5. Collaborate with an influencer

Having an influencer in your marketing team can help you promote your brand even better. An influencer is a person with a large number of active followers that regularly engage with their content. Partnering up with an influencer can also increase your credibility. They also allow you to target their entire fanbase as potential clients. There are many influencers on the platform but you must find the right one for your brand to increase your engagement.

6. Try Instagram advertisements

Instagram Ads is the best way to obtain sponsored posts. They allow you to post sponsored content in several ways. You can post an ad in the form of a picture, video, or carousel. You can also set an ad budget to limit how much you want to spend on it.

Instagram also allows you to decide your ad’s target audience. Use good quality content in your ad and don’t forget to target the relevant audience that can be your potential customers. You could also convert some of your highest-performing content into Instagram ads.

7. Upload user-generated content

You should always add user-generated content to your Instagram profile. Encourage your customers to post pictures and videos while using your products or sharing their feedback. When your followers see a real customer buying your products and sharing their positive feedback, they get encouraged to buy your products. 

Many huge companies use this strategy to increase their engagement on Instagram and other social networks. You should also ask your followers to tag you in their posts when they upload anything related to your products or services on their accounts. This also helps you build a great bond with your followers.


Instagram is constantly evolving and providing Instagram marketers with new opportunities. The things that we have mentioned above are a must-know for every beginner as well as a veteran marketer. They will help boost your Instagram engagement. Many say that getting Instagram followers is challenging but applying these methods will provide expected results.