7 Reasons marketing on Instagram Reels is better than marketing on TikTok


Short-length video content has increased in ubiquity, especially since the release of TikTok in 2016 with massive development in the number of dynamic users. It is an incredible method to advance your business and focus on your target audience. Stages like TikTok and Instagram Reels have made it simpler for independent companies and creators to shoot, alter and post videos directly from the cell phone. 

However, numerous brands do not see the distinction between TikTok videos and Instagram Reels. TikTok videos and IG Reels are two different things: they draw in a different kind of crowd and serve different purposes. While deciding the social media platforms that you should market on, you must know what works for you the best and what gains you more engagement. This article will help you narrow down your choice to Instagram reels from Reels and TikTok based on the following 7 reasons. 

  1. Number of Users 

Instagram has been downloaded 1.8 billion times just in the year 2019 whereas TikTok’s download rate is much lesser than Instagram. The number of users on any social media stage simply can affect marketing. Instagram is popularly considered superior to TikTok for marketing. 

After the rise of Instagram reels, it has gotten more helpful for users to utilize Instagram reels for marketing. While promoting through video content it is necessary to attract a crowd, which can be done by posting eye-catching content as well as by buying Instagram views. 

2. E-Commerce  

Instagram has a solid online business presence. By utilizing the menu shortcut on your profile, users can find shoppable items directly from Instagram. This component makes it simple for individuals to find items and shop from brands. 

Users can now shop through reels. Creators can label their items in Reels. The audience who is keen on an item can tap the “View Product” icon to find out about an included item, purchase, or put something aside for some other time. TikTok on the other hand simply allows you to create engaging videos, not include hyperlinks that direct customers to your page or website. 

3. Accessibility across the globe 

Instagram is a social media platform that is utilized all around the world at equivalent rates which implies that individuals everywhere on the globe are similarly disseminated as Instagram clients however it is not something similar for TikTok. 

Social media users on TikTok are less, making it more at risk for advertising when contrasted with Instagram. Buying TikTok views are also the choices that can be utilized to draw in more audience and increment your business engagement. 

4. Established Instagram presence 

TikTok was launched as an amusement platform for Gen Z, and it was disregarded by business accounts. However, Instagram is business-focused and is the quickest developing social media platform with 76% of organizations utilizing this stage for marketing. This implies that business promoting efforts are undeniably more natural and apparent on Instagram, eventually implying that organizations will get more business from their endeavours on Instagram than TikTok. 

Organizations are now utilizing Instagram because their audience is on Instagram. It is the reason utilizing Reels on Instagram is the best technique today for engaging an already existing customer base, inviting more, and improving the connection between your brand and your audience. 

5. Uncertain Future of TikTok 

At present, TikTok’s future is uncertain. In the US, a part of TikTok has been decided to be sold whereas in India it is altogether banned, and considering how India was one of the primary markets of TikTok, it indeed has taken a serious hit. With these frailties staying up front, Instagram Reels is the only option to supplant TikTok altogether, at the right second and in the right nations. TikTok users eventually will move to Reels due to its uncertain future. TikTok may have been a successful past but Instagram Reels are the future and that is where you should head to stay up to date with the trend and create an online market for yourself. 

6. The functionality of the Platforms 

When you share your video on TikTok it can show up in three spots; ‘for you’ tab, ‘following’ tab, and your ‘TikTok’ profile whereas an Instagram Reel will be displayed in the, ‘explore page,’ ‘reels tab,’ ‘your feed,’ and, ‘your story,’ if you choose to put it up there. Reels can be made much more visible than TikTok videos which invite more engagement to your business. 

While you can only write 150 characters in a TikTok video along with hashtags, characters, emoticons, or tags, Reels allows you to write as much as you want which allows you to invite more audience and connect a compelling story with your reel in the caption. Both the sites however, allow you to buy Instagram views and TikTok views which is an easy and simple way to gain audience engagement.

7. Video Editing and Sharing 

While Reels can be saved to your gallery without a watermark, TikTok videos leave behind a watermark which makes it harder for it to be posted on other social media handles. Reels can be made and posted on Instagram as well as various other social media handles that will give you more business. 

While TikTok videos can be saved as drafts, they cannot be reedited by adding or subtracting some part of it while Reels can be easily edited again by adding or removing any part wanted. Reels can gain popularity through likes, comments, direct messages to friends, and Instagram stories but TikTok videos cannot gain engagement via stories that on Instagram serves as an ideal place to share promotional marketing videos. 


With a more natural altering interface and nearness to your brand image, Instagram Reels can be an extraordinary spot to post content that compliments your current feed and could help you gain a better market. 

Mentioned above are only 7 ways that tell you Instagram Reels are better than TikTok but remember to try and test your content on both sites. You can also buy your Instagram views and TikTok views to increment your market. Whatever stage you pick, recall the best camera is the one you have on you. So do not be reluctant to get out there and shoot some content to get your way into online marketing.