7 best ways to manage your instagram account like pro


The internet plays a huge role in our social lives today. We are always surrounded by smartphones loaded with the internet. For many, it is becoming harder and harder going about without being online for some reason and in some quantity. There are a lot of things you can do on the internet for many purposes. One such component is social media. More than half of the total internet users are active on one platform of social media. One of them is Instagram. With more than a billion users, Instagram is among the biggest social networks today. Whatever the purpose might be, for properly using Instagram you need to manage your account. Here are 7 ways that will make the management of your Instagram account easy.

Maintain An Attractive Account 

The overview of your account is the first thing anyone sees upon visiting you. It creates your first impression and determines if the visitor would stay or not. The first aspect of the presentation is your Instagram bio. The bio contains your name, username, and brief details of what you have to offer. The name and username should be standing out positively while keeping the bio short and sweet. Next up is your display picture. It is advised to keep a good picture of yourself or any brand that you represent here. You can take advantage of various features of this platform to make your profile look better. You can create permanent highlights and temporary stories that not only look good but speak your story for you as well. 

Create A Publishing Schedule 

Publishing content is an integral part of any social media platform. If you have something to share, you need to put it out for the world to see. You do that through content. For that, you not only need publishing material but a schedule as well. A schedule equals organization which is essential for management. More important than just creating a schedule, you need to follow it regularly for better management. Schedule saves time and takes away the sense of urgency, letting you focus on your content freely. 

Create Content In Advance

When you have created a publishing schedule, having the required content stored in advance makes things even better. Publishing schedule lets you know what you need to post and when. It is convenient if you create the required content in advance. It makes you keep up with the schedule and makes sure you never run out of content. Collect photos, write down hashtags and come up with captions some time before you are going to be using them. 

Use Automation Tools

When it comes down to posting, using automation tools can ease down your pressure. With these tools, you can schedule posts in advance while matching it with your publishing schedule. These tools are proven to be beneficial in boosting productivity. It saves your time and eliminates the worries of forgetting when something was supposed to be posted. With these tools, you can schedule content worth of months at once. AgoraPulse, SocialPilot, and Jarvee are some of the best Instagram automation tools. 

Manage Engagement 

To keep your account up and running, you need to manage the engagement you are getting. Through creative content and other strategies, keep the number of likes, comments, and followers increasing. If you are finding it hard to do so, an easy approach is to buy Instagram followers. There are many websites that sell legitimate followers at great prices. Not only does it increase your followers but helps you get more likes on Instagram posts organically as well. 

Use Social Monitoring Tools

Monitoring tools or social listening tools help you realize how you are performing in your fans or competitors. Through them, you can always know when and where your name is mentioned online. They even alert you whenever that happens. It lets you become a part of the discussions about you, letting you know the improvements and changes you need to make. 

Insights And Analytics 

Like monitoring tools, insights and analytics help you assess and improve. Unlike monitoring your mentions, here you directly study your own performance. It can include factors like the time when your posts perform the most of the location you get the most engagement from. This helps you optimize and grow your entire Instagram presence


Instagram has risen like nothing else in the past decade. It is only getting more popular with time on top of that. One of the reasons behind its popularity is the ease of use and accessibility. Instagram works in two straightforward approaches, posting visual content or consuming it. It might not be complex but managing an Instagram account can be tiresome. That stands especially true if you are using an account for marketing or promotional purposes as it requires regular publishing and management. But with the ways mentioned here, you can effectively and efficiently manage your Instagram account, however big it is.