6 Unexpected Places Art Lovers Can Be Uniquely Inspired By In The Suburbs


Art can and will influence nearly anything in the world. For example, the creativity and precision needed to translate that artistic influence into architecture is nothing short of astounding—almost a modern mathematical and design marvel. From the blueprints and builders signage, to the colors and materials used to put any space together, a well-designed structure provides any art lover with the opportunity to appreciate not just the origins of a design, but also how it translates into modern times.

In fact, long before the advent of the digital age and the programs that can help create and design buildings, architects were esteemed artisans in their communities. One could even argue that architects in their prime were the ultimate artists. These creators were able to conceive concepts for buildings using just their imagination, knowledge of physics, and skill. Once the design was in place, the true art of detailing the assembly of their idea could begin. 

For anyone interested in art, construction, and where these two concepts crossover, there are several ways that art lovers may be uniquely surprised and inspired especially while in the suburbs.

1. Cockle Bay Park

Cockle Bay Park in Sydney, Australia is a multi-level area that connects the central business district to the waterfront at Darling Harbor. This park serves as a gentle barrier to the city centre while connecting visitors to paths that allow them to visit restaurants, shops, and even bars.

2. Commune with Nature

Any true nature lover might argue that a man-made construction in any park, aside perhaps for restrooms, sullies the organic, natural experience of being in the environment. Yet those who are able to admire both the natural features as well as man-made enhancements might argue that art can be universally uniting. 

For example, imagine taking a family to a park where everyone can enjoy sitting on large porch swings to savour the nature around them. That is exactly what was done in Smale Park, Cincinnati, right along the Ohio River. The swings are large enough to accommodate an entire family and provide a peaceful place to enjoy the river.

3. Musical Songbirds

Modern-day progression provides the world with some amazing art and architectural advances, but sometimes this progress has an unintended negative impact on an area. Such a case happened in Sydney, Australia where settlers arrived and took over central Sydney. As a result, the birds that could once be enjoyed in that space left for safer territories. In 2011, Angel’s Place opened with a design allowing elevated bird cages to filter the calls of native birds down to be enjoyed by the population. The design and auditory experience are well worth a visit.

4. Child’s Play

Many people have fond memories of building with Legos as children. For an adult-sized treat that those of all ages can enjoy, there is a Lego House located in Billund, Denmark. In fact, the Lego house is located in the town where the Lego brand originated back in 1932. The house was made using 21 super-sized Legos and was constructed into the shape of a pyramid. 

Arriving at the Lego house is enough to take anyone’s breath away, but the artistic vision of the construction continues on the inside designs of the building as well. Once entered in the building, visitors can enjoy a public playground, more than a dozen galleries, interactive exhibitions, a roof terrace, and even more. 

For anyone who has concerns about the safety and stability of the Lego house, know that modern construction played a role in the firm and stable framework. The house was assembled using steel frames as well as ceramic tiles for reinforcement.

5. Community Living

When a plan is drafted for a new building, most designers are given the bare minimum to adhere to strict budgetary restrictions. Yet every once in a great while, city officials take an architect’s wish list and will do whatever it takes to produce all of the items on it. That’s exactly what happened in the city of Monash, Australia for the Clayton Community Centre. 

Community members love the smooth and inviting appearance of the centre as well as the way it was designed for an easy-to-follow flow between places and items of interest. Some of the impressive services the community now has access to include an aquatic area, a health club, a library, youth services, community theatre, maternal and child health services, and more. 

6. Nature and Art Fusion

Imagine an art museum that is outside all year round. That’s what anyone who visits the City Park in New Orleans can find while meandering among mature, live oaks, moss canopies, and a botanical garden. Tucked into this natural haven is a sculpture garden, proving to visitors that art and nature can work together, hand-in-hand.


Art is and has always been a unique, effective, and useful way to communicate to others without words. Anyone who has ever paid attention to the architecture surrounding them in everyday life knows that it allows a creator the unique opportunity to let a building reflect and speak through materials, style, and shapes. When it comes to the unique beauty and blend of modern buildings and surrounding nature that the suburbs and their surrounding areas consist of, there are endless opportunities to enjoy artistic talent and beauty. Even in everyday life it can be easy to make a note to look at your surroundings a bit more, from a daily commute to a morning job or even a vacation. Don’t hesitate to seek out local architectural creations whenever circumstances allow.