6 People Were Arrested At Charlotte Douglas Airport Protests


Due to President Trump’s recent ban on immigrants, refugees, and green-card holders from some Muslim-controlled countries in the middle east, some people have decided to gather at international airports around the country to protest – including at the Charlotte Douglas Airport.

On Saturday night, protesters gathered inside the terminal at the airport to speak out against the ban, but they had not received official permission.

CMPD ended up making 6 arrests and the airport released the following statement:

According to the “Charlotte Airport Protest #NoBanNoWall” facebook group, the protestors were finally able to gain all the neccissary permits to protest outside the airport starting yesterday afternoon.

According to a pinned post in the group:

WE ARE ON. We have approval from CMPD to organize a group of any size at the corner of Josh Birmingham Parkway and Wilkinson Blvd. I have been advised that there is likely to be a CMPD presence, but they are there to monitor the situation only and so long as the demonstration remains peaceful, demonstrators do not block traffic or enter the roadway, the demonstration will not be impeded in any way by the police. We do not need a permit to be at this location, per the Chief of Police.
Bring posters if you have extra for people who don’t have time to get any!

After the approvals, people continued to trickle around the airports busier intersections to hold signs and stand in solidarity with those who were being banned from our country:

How do you feel about President Trump’s ban? 

How do you feel about the protests at the airport? 

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