6 Most Effective Prewriting Strategies for College Students


Prewriting is a huge part of the writing process, acting as a warm-up for the brain. Writing things down before you begin your essay, you can kickstart your ideas and create a structure for your essay that will score you the grade you want. When planning an essay, timing is everything, and the more you plan, the better the outcome. We know it’s much easier said than done. That’s when an ability to buy college essays online comes in handy, providing you with top-notch essays when you’re crunched for time. As a student, you don’t have time to waste and need something that can help you get to your point. Therefore, using these 6 prewriting strategies, writing will be a breeze.

1. Create a Structure 

Knowing what you’re going to write about before you write is super helpful. That’s why creating a structure and jotting down details about what you want in each section is necessary. For example, a common rule of thumb is to create an intro, three main ideas, and a conclusion. Of course, you can change this up a bit to suit your needs, but this is the most common essay format. Using this idea, you can structure your ideas and main topics, filling them with ideas you’d like to present in your essay. Piece of cake! 

2. Lists Anyone? 

Likely, you have a ton of ideas in your head. Therefore, it can help to get them all out with help from a list. Listing helps you get your thoughts on paper so that you can see them all out in front of you. This prewriting strategy is best when you’re giving details about someone or something. Besides, you can use lists to create the perfect order for your essay. If you want the series of events in your paper to go a certain way, then listing is best. 

3. Mind Map

When getting your ideas organized, it can be challenging to pick and organize them concisely. You may wind up with so many interesting facts that you’re not sure where you can fit them all. In that case, make a mind map! With a mind map, you can get creative and pencil in the tiniest details. The visual you get when you create a mind map will guide you along in the writing process, showing you the importance of each point and the additional details that belong in each category. For example, if we were speaking of global warming, our main ideas could be: 

  • The cause of global warming
  • The effects of global warming
  • Proposed solutions for global warming

4. Freewriting

Sometimes the structure is far too much. Some writers love to let their ideas run free and create an essay to their liking. That’s where freewriting comes in. All you have to do is pick up a pen and let your ideas run free. Time yourself and see what you can come up with in 20 minutes. Likely, you’ll have some fantastic ideas that you might not have thought of before. Thus, adding them to your essay to make your point and solidify your ideas. If you try freewriting your essay at the last minute and wind up with a mess, use top assignment writing service for a lifeline, it happens to the best of us!  

5. Looping

Continuing with freewriting, you should do the looping. Looping is basically taking some of the ideas you created in freewriting and focusing on them. Give yourself a shorter amount of time (10-15 minutes) to write down all of the ideas that come to mind when you focus on that particular idea. Do this for each idea that you want to dive deeper into, and you’ll have a ton to work with at the end. It’s all about driving the creative process, letting your ideas flow, and your thoughts – take interesting turns. 

6. Crucial Questioning

In the end, crucial questions can help you clarify many of your ideas. There are the basics of: 

  • Who? 
  • What? 
  • When? 
  • Where? 
  • Why? 
  • How? 

Think about the topic you’re writing about or the idea you’re attempting to portray and ask these crucial questions. Doing this before you start writing your essay, you’ll better grasp your main idea and the final points you want to make. Answer each question in detail, and you’ll have a ton of information to work with. When incorporating them into the final product, you’ll realize that this will also help you create a good flow. Good essays are organized so that readers know what they are reading from the beginning and are reminded again at the end. 

Prewrite Your Way to the Perfect Essay!

Prewriting doesn’t get enough attention. It seems like more work for you but, in reality, it isn’t. The idea that comes along when you’re writing can help you organize your ideas. Also, you’ll have so much material that, with a little organization, you’ll have your essay done in no time. Sometimes time gets the best of us, and we wait until the last minute, hoping for a miracle. But don’t get in despair; there is always a solution. When you get writer’s block or the ideas just won’t flow, the service ready to write college essays for money will be there to help and organize all of your ideas.