6 Great Holiday Gift Ideas for the Beauty and Wellness Lovers in Your Life


The holidays are coming up and with big end of year sales around the corner it’s time to start shopping for your friends and family. For wellness lovers, there are a great number of gifts available from online retailers that are perfect for any health and fitness lovers in your life this season. When it comes to wellness, however, it’s important to keep in mind that many of these products go unregulated and unsupervised when it comes to their marketing campaigns. That’s why it’s important to know what ingredients to look for and what kinds of products are transparent with what they put in their products. With that being said, check out these six gift ideas that the beauty and wellness lovers in your life will absolutely love. Keep reading to learn more!  

Superfood Gummies 

When it comes to supplements, most are looking for natural and powerful foods that are jam packed with healthy vitamins and nutrients. Elderberry gummies by Gaia Herbs are just that! These vegan and all natural immune support gummies are designed to support your immune system. These gummies have no artificial sugars and contain only natural ingredients to help support you feeling your best year round. This gift is bound to lead to the recipient purchasing this product themselves when they run out. 

Skin Supplements

When we think of skin care, we often think about topical products that moisturize and vitalize our skin. While these products can be great, the health of our skin can also be influenced by what we eat and what kind of vitamins we might be lacking. Vitamins for clear skin by JSHealth include a blend of fish oil which delivers a healthy dose of omega-3 fatty acids. Fatty acids are compounds that are essential for body function, but our body needs to ingest them from other sources like seafood. Skin supplement vitamins are a fantastic gift for a wellness lover and will help support both their skin health and general health. 

Elegant Fragrances 

Any wellness or beauty routine is incomplete without a signature scent to give a cherry on top of the whole thing. The Paris Hilton Perfume from Paris Hilton Fragrances is elegant and perfect to add a subtle sweetness to yourself after taking care of the rest of your beauty routine. Perfume isn’t for everyone, but a little bit can go a long way to make a wellness routine feel complete. Topping off a wellness routine with a little spritz of something fragrant can really bring the whole experience together. And remember, your wellness and beauty routine should be just for you, not for anyone else! So perfume up to your heart’s desire with these elegant fragrances.

Home Exercise Equipment 

When it comes to home wellness and beauty routines, it’s not all about makeup and skin care. Sometimes it’s about taking care of your internal health like your muscles and bones. A Bala roller is designed to roll out knots in your legs, back, shoulders, or wherever else you might be feeling tension. These are a great addition to a yoga or pilates routine to make sure you’re stretching after a tough workout. Knots can easily form in your major muscle groups without proper stretching, and it’s likely that even if the person you’re buying for has a roller, the bala roller is bound to outperform what they already have. For those that partake in regular exercise, a roller is a perfect addition to their home workout routine. 

Lip Mask 

One of the most sensitive areas on our faces is the lips. Lips can get sunburnt and dried out without care taken to their health. Sephora is packed with tons of great products for skin health, in particular something called a lip mask. Lip masks keep lips moisturized when exposed to dry conditions. This is especially great for the winter months, which happens to align with many gift giving holidays. Lip masks are not only a great gift on their own, but also a great seasonal gift to help prevent overly dry and cracking lips. Keep the wellness lover in your life more comfortable this winter season with a lip mask! 

Aromatherapy Tools 

Because winter air is colder, it carries less moisture. This is a common misunderstanding about winter. Most assume that winter is wetter because of increased rain. This may add some moisture to the ground surfaces, but cold air is actually extremely dry. For this reason, things like lip masks and humidifiers become essential during the winter months to combat dry nasal passages, skin, and airways. Aera humidifiers are great aromatherapy tools and plug right into the wall for a nondescript and casual looking humidifier device that blends in with your home. Humidifiers can often be bulky and take up a lot of space, which makes these products even more attractive.  


This winter, the wellness lover in your life will benefit greatly from any of the gifts on this list. Supplements to support stronger health and bodily functions are always a great addition to a routine. Elderberry gummies will help support immune health and deliver powerful vitamins and nutrients to your system which will help you feel better overall when combined with other acts of self care like exercise and proper diet. Similarly, vitamins for skin care will also help support healthier skin when combined with proper diet and skin care routines. And nothing adds a cherry on top of a self care routine with a subtle and sweet perfume fragrance to help you feel that much more sparkly and clean. For added bonus gifts, check out a bala roller, lip mask, or aromatherapy tools like humidifiers to help fortify their exercise routine and combat dry, cracked skin this winter.