Over 500,000 Charlotte Area Time Warner Customers Have Just Been Switched To Spectrum


chartercommunicationsYesterday it became official, Time Warner Cable is no more!

Spectrum Cable (the company that bought Time Warner last year) officially changed over 500,000 Charlotte area customers (according to data from Nielsen.com) to their services on Tuesday, March 14th.

Charlotte-area customers will now use the Spectrum app on their phone, and will see all the logos on their TV change to Spectrum. You’ll also be seeing Spectrum-labeled trucks in your neighborhood. if you haven’t already.

Many people are excited for the switch, since Spectrum offers fewer, more simplified options.

Company spokesman Mike Pedelty commented “we got to the point where we called it Frankenbundle. We kept adding things and confusing customers, where they didn’t understand what we were  adding on and how it ws packaged.

He says that most customers can now choose from three basic bundles – and there’s no more fighting for a promo rate every year, when your current package expires.

Your package will remain as long as you keep the service.

Customers who keep their old Time Warner service will since an increase in their internet speeds – if you have a top download speed of 50 megabits per second, you’ll be bumped up to 60 megabits per second. Most current customers will also see a reduction in their bills, since Spectrum doesn’t charge extra for modem fees.

CharteSpectrum’s parent company, Charter Communications, bought Time Warner for $55.1 billion back in May 2016, which now makes them the nation’s second-largest cable provider with more than 25 million customers in 41 states around the country.

What do you think about the Spectrum switch?