5 Ways To Boost Instagram Engagement on Reels


If you are wondering how to bring more engagement to your Instagram page, trust me you are not alone! Instagram is a social media giant like Facebook that offers the highest engagement rate. If you are just getting started with the platform, it can be difficult to increase engagement on Instagram. While everyone is telling you to buy Instagram views for igtv, here are 5 useful and organic ways you can use to increase engagement on your Instagram page through their latest added feature- INSTAGRAM REELS!

In August 2020, Instagram launched this new feature called Reels, where one can create a 15-second video. Many influencers and online businesses embraced this feature and you can too.

Five ways to increase Instagram engagement through reels

1. Use trending topics and music for your Instagram Reels

The Reel feature of Instagram is new and hence the platform promotes it more than the old ones to grab user’s attention. You can use the music of ongoing trends for your TikTok videos to grab your audience’s attention. Many business platforms are likely to create a unique hashtag for their businesses to interact with the audience and stand out. You can also try to create one for yourself. Remember, the hashtag should be easy to spell and remember. People usually follow hashtags that are already trending and you can use this as an opportunity to be visible out there.

2. Use native features of the Instagram Reel

What do we mean by this? Will a Facebook post work on Twitter? NO, right! The Instagram algorithm does not boost content that has been reposted from other platforms. Many creators have found that the reel might get blurred if it has watermarks from any other platforms. If you are editing the reel on some other video editing platform there are high chances that the video will not get its deserving engagement. Instagram has launched its own editing tools and filters for the Reels section. So try to use the native Instagram Reel features to create and edit your content or record them through the app itself.

3. Collaborate with other creators

This one is really helpful. Partnering with many creators on the platform and brands can help you increase your Instagram engagement. If you have just started and have a smaller range of audience, try to collaborate with creators with the same or a little higher audience range. This will help you gain popularity among your fellow creator’s audience. In this way, they might like to follow you, hence increasing your follower’s count.

This is a great time to start doing it because Instagram has launched the “Mix with Reels” option, where you can react or remix some other reel with your own new one. It is a great way to interact with the audience and fellow creators in a playful way. The feature has been loved by the audience so far and you can take advantage of it now. The best part about the “Mix with Reels” option is that you can create a collab reel with even a creator who has a bigger audience or an influencer with a large following. You don’t have to know them personally. Many small creators have grown their audience with this technique.

4. Take part in a challenge or competition

Do you remember the KIKI challenge that was trending a couple of years ago? Well, fun challenges surely grab the attention of the audience.

In the past couple of months, there have been a number of trending challenges on Reels with catchy music that has entertained the audience. You can use that to your benefit to get some extra likes, comments, and engagement. There are many creators and business accounts who host some challenges and even competitions to increase their engagement and come into notice. Some competitions give prize money.

If you are not able to find an ongoing challenge that necessarily comes under your niche, you can create one on your own and ask fellow creators to join you by reaching out.

You can also host giveaways. They are known to bring high engagement to your social media account.

5. Always experiment with your content

The trends in social media keep changing within a span of a few days. The audience appreciates a creator who keeps their attention hooked and keeps them entertained. For that, you need to bring something new and exciting to the table each time. Try to share content with a fun element in it.

Experiment and analyze with different types of content that your audience desires and prefers. The best way to experiment is through Reels. Since Instagram Reels are videos of 15 seconds, it’s easier for you to create that content. Create Reels with content that makes the viewer share it with their friends and family. Something they would like to save. Use transitions and creative edits in your Reels. They are a great way to show behind the scenes of your work to the audience.


Instagram Reels is a great way to increase your Instagram engagement. If you are feeling that you need to step up your game on Instagram, it is the feature that can add that spark to your presence on the platform. The feature is very easy to use and worth your energy. The five ways mentioned above can take you places on Instagram! So, what are you waiting for?