5 ways die-cut stickers can help grow your business


Are you hunting for different ways to grow your business? Or, are you on a tight budget and need the highest ROI possible, with little risk?

We’re here to help give you some ideas for growing your business in 2021, all focused on the humble, die cut sticker.

What is a die-cut sticker?

The term die-cut refers to a sticker’s shape. Importantly it does not define the size or material of a sticker. A die-cut sticker gets individually cut in a custom shape around your artwork, not on sheets or rolls. The most helpful way to think of die-cut stickers is as custom-shaped stickers.

Why are stickers a good marketing tool?

Here are 3 simple reasons you should add stickers to your marketing plans.

  1. Their low-cost: Low costs = low risk. Low risk = easy to try and easy to iterate. Testing and iterating mean better & better results over time, resulting in higher ROIs.
  2. Perceived as a gift: Giving a premium sticker to a customer or influencer in the right circumstances will be perceived as a gift. We’ll explain how powerful this is a little later.
  3. They are simply…cool: There’s no better word for it. A beautifully designed, premium sticker brings a smile to our faces when we see it, creating emotion and positive associations for our brand.

Before we get into the ideas for using custom stickers in your marketing, we want to explain why giving gifts is powerful.

The power of gift-giving

Psychology’s rule of reciprocity is the reason giving gifts is so powerful. Reciprocity states when someone receives a gift, they feel compelled to return the favor.

This favor can mean buying products from you. It can also mean an Instagram post or by sticking it on their phone or laptop. All of these can be super powerful, so for such low costs, you should try it.

Using die-cut stickers to help you grow

Here are 5 top ideas on how stickers, particularly die-cut stickers, can help your business grow in 2021.

1. Put stickers in with your product.

Apple uses this very effectively and has done for years. It helps to get your brand in the hands of your most loyal fans (your customers). Because they are such a low cost per unit, this is a cheap way of ensuring they see your brand over & over.

2. Give stickers to influencers

Find micro-influencers in your space and send them some of your products along with some custom stickers. If you find the right people who share your brand’s audience, there is a high likelihood they will give you a shoutout. 

3. Try guerilla marketing

Guerilla marketing is when you use unconventional methods to communicate your brand. A good example is when Puma paid Pelé $120,000 to tie his shoelaces on the pitch, in front of millions, in the 1970 soccer World Cup final. You can use this inspiration to create wild ideas using stickers. Or have a Google – there are lots of ideas out there.

4. Brand your packaging

Branded packaging can be super powerful. It gives your customer an incredible impression when your package arrives at their door. Leaving your customer with a beautiful unboxing experience is something brands like Apple have gotten so right – maybe we can all learn something from them.

It is better to trust the whole packaging process from design to manufacturing to professionals in the field. This will not only ensure your product has high-quality packaging, but also make your job a lot easier. When you find reliable packaging manufacturers, they’ll provide you access to their top suppliers, internationally-certified facilities, and skilled manufacturing teams.

5. Stand out with floor graphics

Large custom floor stickers applied to your office or outside your coffee shop are common since Coronavirus. Why not try turning your social distancing floor graphic into a remarkable experience with your brand? If you’re already getting floor graphics, a little more design effort to stand out can go a long way.

And there we have it. We hope you’ve enjoyed these 5 ways die-cut stickers can help you to grow your business. If you have any other ideas or want to know more, please comment below.