5 Ways COVID19 Has Changed America


COVID-19 was officially declared a pandemic in the first quarter of 2020. Its impact was felt by everyone on a global scale. A year after, there’s no doubt that it’s still changing the way most people live their day-to-day lives. 

In America, recent research shows that a large number of individuals see the pandemic to have negatively impacted their lives. From this reliable source, it’s also revealed that despite its challenges, the crisis still brought unexpected positive events. Though no specific experience was shared by everyone, what remains true is that COVID-9 has changed their lives forever.  

How Americans Are Living Amidst The COVID-19 Pandemic  

Here are some ways that Americans are dealing with the challenges brought by the ongoing health crisis. 

  1. Shifting to Remote Work Setup   

COVID-19 drastically and negatively affected the lives of many Americans. Many employees suffered the loss of their jobs and livelihoods. Some had to deal with reduced hours as many companies tried to save and maximize their operations. Working from home has also become the new norm for many.

While working from home is a convenience for some, a portion of Americans, especially those in the teaching profession, see the new mode of teaching to be highly stressful and exhausting for studentsThere are also new opportunities for those who are TEFL qualified to teach English online. Workers from other sectors like healthcare, the food industry, and those belonging to essential services are reported to be experiencing a lot of difficulties as a result of the pandemic.

2. Improving Home Relationships 

The pandemic pushed many Americans to isolation. Many experienced missing their family and friends more because they can’t be with them physically.  

Despite the initial feelings of isolation, many were able to turn the situation of being at home most of the time to develop stronger bonds with their loved ones. Many have felt that the pandemic made them closer with their families. Some surveys even report that children benefited from the remote learning setup, as their parents are present to guide them with their school-related tasks. 

3. Discovering New Activities and Hobbies 

A large number of older Americans said that the pandemic had restrained them from doing their normal routines because of the lockdowns and social distancing that has been implemented.  

This hasn’t been the case for younger Americans, on the other hand, who saw the situation as an opportunity to develop new hobbies. Some have even discovered their talent for activities, like videography, vlogging, and candle-making. Many are also taking the lockdown as a time to relax and enjoy quality time with themselves or their loved ones.  

  1. Paying More Attention to Health and Well-Being  

Results from different research centers show there has been an increase in mental health issues experienced by American youth since the start of the pandemic. To combat these, many are shifting their efforts to providing support through the use of digital platforms. The support includes webinars, group sharing, and individual counseling to those who feel like they are experiencing anxiety, depression, and other mental conditions brought by the pandemic. 

Americans are now also becoming more concerned about their physical health. Since the COVID-19 virus is a respiratory disease and people with chronic conditions are considered to be more at risk, healthy eating habits and an active indoor lifestyle are encouraged. 

  1. Building Better Financial Habits 

Because many businesses have closed and thousands of Americans had either lost their jobs or had reduced working hours as a result of the pandemic, many were caught surprised by the resulting financial strain. Some even mentioned that they have already used up their savings to cover their day-to-day expenses. Despite the economy improving over the last few months, many still say that they’re struggling to bounce back from this setback. 

While the pandemic resulted negatively to the finances of many, there’s still a small number of Americans who see the crisis with a silver lining. Many mentioned that they were able to save money because of the pandemic. The lockdown limited their travel expenses. Some also say that they were able to save money on cooking their food and not eating in restaurants.    

Final Thoughts  

The pandemic has drastically changed and will change the way Americans will live for the next few years, even after it’s over. Luckily, many were able to adapt to the changes by working remotely, improving the relationships they have with their family, and by discovering new activities and hobbies to keep them busy. Others have also improved their health habits to fight the feeling of isolation and other health risks. Lastly, many have also developed better ways of handling their finances.

Despite these challenges, it cannot be denied that the health crisis gave many a reminder of how positivity and resiliency made them a great nation.