5 Video Marketing Ideas For Real Estate Agencies


Video marketing isn’t a very new thing; various industries, including real estate, embrace the strategy to better market their brands. As the name suggests, the strategy is about advertising your brand by making videos. 

As a real estate agency, are you wondering how to incorporate video marketing into your operations? 

Look no further. This article will highlight content that you can add to your video marketing to make the strategy a success. Read on to find out more!

  1. Showcase Your Company

In most cases, the most utilized method of showcasing your company is writing content about it. Yes, it’s still effective, but why not change things and add some life to such content?

You can utilize videos to highlight this content. Some aspects to include in the video are a brief story on your company history, the services you offer, the specific niche you place your brand (is it buying or selling property,) among others. Also, it should highlight the company’s unique selling points, “Why should clients seek your services and not the competitors?”

However, as you do this, try and make it as short as possible; you don’t want your potential clients to get bored even before they reach the end of your video. Consider seeking the services of a corporate video production company to find a balance between the quality and quantity of your content.  

2. Introduce Your Agents

Many clients want to connect with the provider from whom they want to obtain services. What better way of building this connection than introducing them to potential clients? 

With this, clients will feel connected to your brand and develop some level of trust. This will compel them to seek your services, which is your end goal.

Let each of your team members make a short introduction about themselves. The introduction should include their area of expertise, years of experience, and how they’ll assist potential clients.

3. Showcase Neighborhood Videos

One of the successful ways of marketing a given property is by giving potential clients a vision of them living on the said property. Neighborhood videos will do this for you. Here, the major aspect to focus on is the area’s lifestyle.

With video marketing, it’s also good to highlight the unique features of a given area, such as a lake, swimming pool, or a beautiful landscape. Social amenities should also be part of the unique features of a neighborhood  because it’s believed that potential clients consider amenities as they decide on where to settle.

For instance, you can have a video of one of those living in the neighborhood enjoying the lake’s view as they sip their morning cup of coffee. This highlights the serenity of the place, captivating clients. If there’s a playground, show children playing in the park on a sunny afternoon.

For neighborhood videos, utilize animations in the video to make them more interesting. Also, you shouldn’t just focus on one neighborhood. Showcase a variety of different lifestyles since your customers have varying tastes.

4. Highlight Current Trends

As a real estate agency, you need to keep up with the trends in the property business and inform your customers of the same. 

You can decide to highlight the top listings every quarter, where besides mentioning the properties, you show a live video of each of the properties. As you do this, it’s best to highlight the unique features and alternatives to design based on the client’s preference. 

By doing so regularly, potential clients will always seek your website and its videos first before buying any property. This grows your brand and increases its visibility.

5. Address Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The real estate industry has many aspects, hence the need for industry familiarity. These aspects could be buying or selling property, mortgage solutions available, and the foreclosure process. In most cases, websites have a FAQ section at the bottom, where clients can seek information about a given area. It’s best to turn these into a video, just like you would for showcasing your brand. Videos will inform a lot within a short period, eliminating lengthy reading times. 

One of your workers, preferably from the sales teams, should address the FAQs in detail. Addressing FAQs through videos will show your clients how much you’re willing to go to ensure their issues are addressed.


As can be seen, incorporating video marketing in your real estate company doesn’t require much. With the proper guidance, like this article gives, you’ll be on the right track regarding marketing.

Therefore, consider implementing the ideas discussed herein, and you won’t go wrong with your video marketing strategy. Even as you adopt these ideas, it’s good to note that your videos need to be of high quality. You can achieve this by investing in good lighting and videography equipment.