​​5 Tips When Selling Your Land/Farm Property For Maximum Value


Nobody wants to sell their land for less than it’s worth. Because of this, you must do everything you can to increase the value of your land and make it into something the average buyer would be dazzled by. Show them that your land is the only option and that your pricing is more than reasonable, and they’ll come running: even if you’ve charged above the property’s value.

These are five tips to help you sell your land for more and why it’s important to invest before you sell.

What Properties Sell Best?

When people are ready to buy a property for farming: they have just a few things in mind. These are the health of the land they’re buying, how much money it’s made before, and security. Fortunately, these are mostly things you can change before putting your land on the market. 

Be aware that you shouldn’t invest more than ten percent of your property’s value into updating it, especially if the market isn’t doing well. So pay attention to your budget, and look at the rate of return before you update anything on your property.

1. Add Additional Buildings

Adding additional steel buildings is one of the largest things you can do for your property. This means increasing storage for everything from grown goods to animals to even agricultural vehicles so that your property feels ready for anyone to step in and start working.

Make sure every building is high-quality, with enough value put into it that the buyer will see it as a positive addition. Don’t add an additional house or any other buildings that many farmers may not need when they purchase.

2. Ensure It Has a Clear Purpose

Every inch of your land should have a clear purpose. This means marked off areas for growth, areas for working on packaging and cleaning, areas for animals, and areas for hunting or fishing. Whatever uses your land has, make sure they’re obvious to whatever buyer comes through. You can sell land fast if you put in the time to make it seem like every inch of this farm is usable and fantastic.

3. Maintain Soil and Water Health

The health of your soil and water sources can make a huge difference in how quickly your farm sells. Used up and dry soil takes more work compared to learning how to fix a muddy driveway: but you must do your research and get into motion.

Your soil’s health is the difference between how well future crops will grow and if they have to worry about land slippage or flooding. On the other hand, the health of whatever water sources are on your property will affect the livestock, the plants, and the peoples’ health while they’re on this property. Poorly maintained water can even lead to a lawsuit down the line if you put someone’s health in danger.

Check your water’s pH and pollution levels, and ensure that your soil is well aerated and healthy enough to grow life.

4. Make It Look Great

This is a severely underrated number: but it’s vital nonetheless. Just like you’d dress up a house and deep-clean it to sell it, you should do everything you can to make your farmland appealing. This means pressure washing the exterior of buildings, taking care of any mud patches or low dips, investing in large shed kits if you’re sorely out of growing areas, and paying attention to what trends are in style for farmland.

By putting in the effort and making this property attractive more than just how it looks on paper, you give buyers the chance to walk into a property that can immediately feel like a perfect fit. Nobody wants to buy a project-farm that needs a million things completed. Make your land into their dream farm.

5. Add Security or Additional Fencing

Property buyers who want to start a successful farm are always worried about security.  This worry can be even higher if they’re buying land in an area they’re unfamiliar with or they’re getting property near multiple other farms.

For security, the best option is to put in secure and attractive fencing. Not only will this add value to your property, but it can also increase interest from first-time farm buyers who aren’t used to owning this much land yet. It gives them a sense of security in what’s otherwise a large amount of land.

You can add things like cameras, but the return on security systems isn’t as high as simply adding a fence to your property.

You Deserve the Full Value of Your Property

Whether your property is a family heirloom you’re finally passing on to a new family, or you’ve owned it for ten to fifteen years, and you’re ready to move on: you must get what it’s worth. Update your property, and ensure you price it what you want to receive, and you won’t be disappointed.