5 Tips to a Healthy Lifestyle That Helps In Reducing Women’s Health Risk


Research shows that most of the things that put a woman’s life at risk are preventable. That’s amazing. That means, as a woman, you have the power to decrease the chances of you getting chronic diseases like stroke and hypertension by living right. So from this article, you get five tips that can help you have a healthier lifestyle.

Sleep right

You already know that you should sleep for eight hours every day. However, there is a difference between sleeping and sleeping right. You can rest for up to ten hours but still wake worn out and restless.

What to do to make sure you sleep right

Have the right mattress.

You need a mattress that can support your weight, back, and any health condition you could be having. For example, women with full figures are encouraged to choose medium-firm foams while the slender ones should get firm-firm foams. You can get credible reviews on the internet.

Sleeping posture

The right sleeping position helps distribute your weight evenly while you sleep so that you do not ruin your body. Imagine waking up to back pain, dislocated spine, or a stiff neck. Each position has merits and demerits.

For instance, sleeping on your side can exert a lot of pressure on your lower back though it’s the most comfortable posture. However, with the right type of mattress and pillows, you can still lie on your back without hurting it.

Beauty sleep-quantity vs. quality

The recommended hours are not enough if you have to make countless trips to the bathroom, or your mind is not at rest. Beauty sleep means that once you lie down, nothing interrupts your sleep until your alarm goes off.

More sex

Raise your hand if lacking sex causes you stress. Sex helps your body produce the happy hormones which are crucial to reducing anxiety and depression. That’s not all; sex is part of exercise.

Having regular sex can boost your immune system. The activity is known to enhance your body’s ability to make disease-fighting antibodies. Not forgetting that the more a woman engages in sexual activities, the more she boosts her libido.

Friends and family

Study shows that there is a connection between the quality of your relationships and some illnesses like hypertension, obesity, and stomach ulcers. Friends and family can either trigger stress, or help you fight it through unconditional love and support.

As a human being, you cannot shut out both groups of people. If you don’t dot on your family, you do dot on your pals. Think of your buddies. Think of your relations. Do these people create an environment that promotes your health?

Social support is a resource you are supposed to use to cope with the highs and lows of life. Hence, if your relations are toxic, your health is at risk.

Have some wine

Hope after reading this part; you will pour yourself some sweet wine. Drink in moderation, though. Here are reasons why you should not play games with wine:

  1. It has antioxidants that not only help the body fight cancer but also keep your skin healthy and youthful.
  2. Taking moderate amounts of wine reduces the risk of getting a stroke.
  3. Red wine has silicon which promotes bone density
  4. Red wine contains resveratrol a compound that can help lower cholesterol and also reduce the chances of getting type 2-diabetes.
  5. Don’t forget the good feeling you have after enjoying a glass of wine.     

Eat and exercise

It’s impossible to write about healthy living without factoring the importance of exercise and a healthy diet. Most people in the world today try to eat well and maintain a simple fitness schedule.

The question is, when do you eat? When do you exercise?

  1. Exercise promotes sleep, but it should not replace it. You cannot cure sleep deprivation with exercise.
  2. Healthy food and exercise will give you the body you want, but one cannot replace the other, so you’ve to do both.
  3. The time you eat is as important as what you eat.


A healthy woman is a gift to herself, family, and society. In today’s society, it’s not easy to choose a healthy lifestyle over the many available options. On the other hand, the consequences of unhealthy choices are gut-wrenching and extremely expensive.

The change you want to see begins with you. Only you know the things that motivate you to make unhealthy choices, and what can do to have a better life.