5 Tips to Help Get Your Kids to the Dentist for a Post-Halloween Check-up


Halloween Dental Tips for Trick-or-Treating in Charlotte, NC

Halloween is finally here and every parent knows what that means. Yes, you got it right. It spells, C-A-N-D-Y! And, of course, we know what candy turns out to be: CAVITIES! We know where cavities lead, a visit to the dentist’s office.

You’re probably already dreading the thought of taking your kids to the dentist for a post-Halloween check-up. If your kids are totally cool with seeing the dentist, then you are way better off than most parents. According to a recent study, out of the 240 children who were part of the study, 74.1% are found to have dental fear or dental anxiety and ranged from mild to severe anxiety.

Imagine if your kid is a part of that 74.1%. There are several ways you can help eliminate dental anxiety.

1. Start on their First Tooth

According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, it’s better to start them young. It’s also important that they become familiar with their dentist in worcester as they grow up so do your research for good pediatric dentists in your area!

2. Save the Details

Kids don’t understand medical terms so avoid piquing their curiosity with technical terms! You’ll end up having a kid with never ending questions about what a dentist does! Keep it plain and simple.

3. Careful What You Say

As much as possible, do no associate a visit to the dentist with trigger words such as, ‘hurt’ or ‘pain’. That automatically registers to a kid’s mind to be related. Use positive words like, ‘healthy and clean teeth’.

4. Give Way to the Dental Staff

If you bring your kid to see a pediatric dentist, trust that the staff knows how to handle kids with dental anxiety. Friendly Dental Group of South Park dentists specialize in general and pediatric dentistry which means they are used to kids kicking up a fuss.

You might as well believe they have the best dentist in Charlotte, NC. Step aside for the staff to handle your kid but stay close enough in case you child needs you to hold his or her hand.

5. Make It a Habit

Kids are incredible at understanding what we say to our surprise. So, emphasize why oral hygiene is important. Make brushing at home fun.

Play dentist with them so they think it’s fun. Make it a habit. Take them in regularly so they get used to it. Pretty soon it’ll be part of their routine.