5 Tips for Successful Playing Mega Moolah Slot


Mega Moolah is one of the most famous virtual casino slot games Mega Moolah progressive jackpot slots allow you to increase your win as you play. This Microgaming masterpiece is built on a jungle-based theme. Hence its interface is colourful and exciting, and this is one among many reasons why the Mega Moolah game is one of the best Microgaming slots.

Numerous people across the world play Mega Moolah 5 reel drive and twenty-five line slot machines. Many casino software companies have benefited from the idea behind this Mega Moolah. A Mega Moolah slot review by Mega Moolah expert Henry shows that the moolah jackpot wheel has five regular symbols.

Each symbol has a significance, and specific combinations can lead to big wins. There’s the elephant symbol that represents an ace, a buffalo that represents a king, a giraffe that represents a queen, a zebra that represents a jack and a Kudu that represents card 10.

There are numerous peculiarities like the free spins bonus, scatter symbol, wild multiplier. Playing Mega Moolah jackpot wheel can be exciting; you can win a tangible amount of money if you play right. You might be wondering how to win a Mega Moolah jackpot or how to place a good Mega Moolah bet. Well, this piece presents you with hints and strategies that, if followed properly, will ensure one wins at least a progressive jackpot prize.

Before we discuss these hints and guides, it is proper for players to be acquainted with basic characteristics of the slot and progressive jackpots, such as RTP, Free Test, jackpot bonus game, Connection, Minimum bet, and so on. Now let’s see how to play Mega Moolah for the win so that you can start playing with tactics rather than luck.

Make valuable use of the deposit bonus

Like in many Microgaming casinos, lucrative bonuses and incentives are offered to players. When betting on a mega-jackpot progressive slot, one should utilize the luxury of the deposit bonus. Although not all casinos offer this luxury, it is a player’s responsibility to search for online casinos that offer such an incentive. Why is this important? It’s a win-win situation because your bankroll is doubled on your first deposit, this offers you the chance to have enough cash to be able to win bigger and earn real money, the bonus wheel provides chances of low-risk victories as well, so a new player can enjoy this benefit.

General Strategy

Selecting a wager is quite important. One should know that the combinations are independent of how much you stake on a spin. This means that you can place any number of chips on individual lines, using Mega Moolah $1 deposit will ensure that you can pay for the maximum stake of 0.25 coins, and also allows for the correct distribution of your bankroll.

More spins will offer you higher possibilities of victory. The general outcome depends on the total spins made. Thus every time you spin, you get closer to huge wins. Otherwise, you need to pay attention to how accumulative wins are drawn. Although it is governed by chance, the biggest victories are drawn every 11 weeks. Thus, it would be best if you were attentive 8-10 weeks after the last grand victory. The thing is, you can never be sure, but as a player, you should always be ready and alert.

Comprehend the mechanics. Know that by staking £0.25 per spin, your possibilities of hitting the jackpot are half of a £0.50 wager. Thus the higher, the better; betting more coins on each spin is also a tactic worth emulating into your gameplay.

Build your Technique and Do Some Research

You do not have to be skilled at slot games to build a technique. What you need is an adequate knowledge of the pay-out percentage, which is about 88.12%, and know how to work with it, you should also be aware the volatility is quite high, and the FTC is medium, you should also be mindful of the maximum winnings, rating from 200000 to 225000 coins and set your mark, knowing when to stake and not, know when to use a multiplier and other bonuses, building your tactics and technique encompasses having adequate know-how of the market and manipulating the odds to favour you.

Now you should be aware that no tactics will work 100% for you or work definitely for you, but by keeping your emotion in check, perfect timing and bankroll, you can at least lower the possibilities of losing.

Reach a million with any deposit

You can attain a million at any instant, so if this is possible, then why not aim high? Since you’re playing for fortune, do not limit yourself to being fortunate. Your bankroll should be enough, even if you are a supporter of minimum deposits. And to do this quickly and easily, you can always make an online casino deposit with bank account or use any other secure payment method. Mega Moolah has produced millions across the world for players, and it is one of the few slots that has made millionaires, thus when betting, aim for the bigger cash.

Double your Winning Chance

Higher stakes ensure that the odds of victory are improved and doubled. Let’s break this down; if you stake higher, it is easier for you to gain; let’s look at it mathematically. If you stake 50 coins per 50 cents spin, it is preferable to betting 50 stakes of 50 cents consecutively. It doesn’t seem logical, but betting 50 coins at once instead of a coin consecutively 50X increases the odds of victory. With low bets, 25% of users emerged, whereas people who staked £6.25 per turn made the bigger gain.


Mega Moolah can turn you rich in a moment, but it isn’t quite easy. One has to be acquainted with techniques that will narrow down all possibilities and present a chance of victory. Many have been made millionaires by Mega Moolah, and, surely, you are well on your way to being a millionaire with these hints.