5 tips for planning a romantic date in Denver


It doesn’t matter whether it’s the first date or the twenty-first, there’s always time to plan something new, interesting, or exciting to do – especially if you live near the affectionately named ‘Mile High City’ of Denver.

Romantic dates in this most splendid of cities can take a variety of forms and there’s always a brand new activity or evening out to try. Needing inspiration? Look no further. Here is a list of 5 tips and ideas for planning a romantic date in Denver. 

Plan a delicious eating experience

Thinking about a delicious meal (preferably cooked by someone else) is one of life’s great pleasures and there are plenty of romantic restaurants in Denver to choose from to match all manner of palates and tastes. 

Whether it’s traditional no-nonsense American grub or refined French cuisine, it can all be found in the Mile High City. The only issue really is trying to decide which venue to go for – which is all the more reason to have lots more date nights! 

Relax with a Spa day

Nothing says relaxation more than a Spa day. If life has been a bit challenging of late, why not have a real day of treats and quiet time? 

 The Brown Palace offers a chance to unwind and switch off, with one of its signature soaks – and the spa itself boasts its own artesian well, which forms a big part of the treatments given at the hotel. A great idea for a pampering session and date with a real purpose.

Get some gardening inspiration

If the outdoors is more appealing, then head out for a special day at the city’s Botanic Gardens. It’s a riot of color and there are always plenty of interesting activities to do, including walking around the gardens themselves. 

There are often seasonal lectures throughout the year, and in the Summer time, there are outdoor concerts and gigs held on the grounds. It’s a perfect opportunity to pack some bubbles, have a delicious picnic, and snuggle up whilst listening to some great music.

Cook up a storm with a culinary masterclass

If learning to cook new cuisines is something of interest then Denver has its own culinary arts school in which the fundamentals of many different countries’ foods are taught – alongside wine, beer, and spirit-tasting evenings.

The skills learned can then be used at home to have great cooking and foodie experiences without leaving the comfort of your surroundings. 

Life is a Cabaret old chum

As the song from the famous Liza Minelli film goes: “What good is sitting alone in your room? Come and hear the music play”. You certainly can in Denver if you plan a cabaret evening for a welcome change on a date night.

Venues like the Clocktower offer an all-in-one experience – that is to say, fine dining, drinks, and a whole host of different acts – from comedians to vaudeville singers providing entertainment and showmanship.

Take a look and see who’s on, an alternative date night idea that has everything for the discerning couple.


Planning a date in Denver is easy with this list of hints and tips. There are so many out-of-the-box ideas to delight and inspire. If you do simply want a good meal out and a drink or two, that’s covered as well. There’s always something new and inspiring to consider in the Mile High City.