5 Tips for Making Your Moving Experience Easier


Are you making plans to move? The best way to go about making your moving experience easier is to prep carefully! You should do a lot of research into your moving company and pack yourself up strategically. Similarly, in the unpacking process, you should be careful about what you unpack first so that you can stay organized as you settle into your new home! Read below for more moving tips to make your process go as smoothly as possible.

1. Research Your Moving Company 

Your moving company will be responsible for transporting all of your belongings! So choosing the right movers in Murfreesboro, TN is imperative. Some of the most critical qualities to look for are: 

  • Background checks on all employees
  • Speedy turnaround times
  • Reliability

Ensuring that your movers and your drivers are trustworthy, responsible, and reliable improves the chances that your belongings will arrive at your next destination unscathed.

2. Label Everything

Packing up everything can be very disorienting and stressful, so it is in your own best interest to stay as organized as you can. We recommend using labels for everything you pack! If you have all of your boxes of items properly tabled and organized, then your process of unpacking will be much easier. 

Use all the packing supplies you need for a detailed labeling process. Labeling each box with a permanent marker and even listing every item inside it will make it very easy when you’re adjusting to your new home and need to find a specific item or figure out what goes where.

3. Keep a Box For Donations

Downsizing is always good before a big move, so it’s good to make it easier by setting up a separate box for items you don’t have space for or will not use or need in your new place. A good question to ask yourself if you cannot decide is, “Have I used this item in the last six months?” 

If the answer is no, most likely, you will not use it in the next six months, and you would be better off donating it to another person who might use it every day.  This method lets you clear out space for moving and new items in your new home and helps your community through thrift and resale donations

4. Plan Your Packing Ahead of Time

Because packing and unpacking can take many months, be careful to pack up items you don’t need every day first. That way, your daily life won’t be altered too much during the moving process, making your life less stressful. Going for items like decoration first in your packing is a good move. 

And conversely, packing clothing and cooking items last is also best. When you pack up those items needed for comfort and daily cooking, they will be much easier to access and use right away when you need them in your new location. 

5. Unpack Your Bedsheets and Bathroom First 

It may sound odd, but right when you get to your new location, unpack your bedding first. Figure out where you will sleep that night right away, so you have a comfortable spot to go to when you need a break from unpacking and getting everything sorted. 

And that night, you will have a place to crash without needing to worry about it when you are exhausted that night. 

Final Thoughts

Moving anywhere can be a stressful experience, but with a little extra planning and preparation, before you begin, it will be a much easier experience and less stressful for you. Above are some helpful details you can use to make your transition to a new place straightforward.