5 Things You’ll Miss If You Ever Leave Charlotte


I may be a little biased, but to me, the QC is the greatest city in the world.

We have the perfect climate, pro sports without big-city prices and traffic, a growing number of art galleries and museums, tons of concerts, parades, and festivals, amazing food, interesting people, and plenty of nature.

Here are my top 5 reasons I could never think about leaving;

#1 Lake Norman

Lazy days spent with your favorite people, doing nothing more than floating around and enjoying the sunshine.

Whether you boated and tubed, or just hung up an Eno in a shady tree on the shore, nothing compares to a sunny day on Lake Norman;

#2 The Sports

In the past few years, the fan bases of the Panthers, Hornets, Knights, Checkers, and even Roller Girls have been growing like crazy. Our basketball team recently regained the Hornets name by popular demand, the Panthers having their best year ever last year, and the new Knights stadium is now officially the nicest minor league baseball field in America – what’s not to love?

Charlotte not only has the fastest growing fan base – our fans are also some of the coolest people in the world;

#3 The City

When I was still living in New York, I stopped in Uptown Charlotte on random trip down south. After about 15 minutes of walking around the cleanest city streets I’d ever seen – I fell in love. When I moved here, I quickly discovered that half the people I met had similar experiences.

Start walking through the city streets, and you’re bound to stumble on some incredible coffee shops (Smelly Cat, Not Just Coffee, Mugs, etc), someone selling hand-crafted jewelry, or some local art. You’ll constantly be surrounded by welcoming people, fresh local music, and unbelievably good food.

#4 The Growth

Charlotte’s massive growth spurt over the last few decades has allowed for an unparalleled entrepreneurial environment. Our city has seen businesses start from nothing and grow into billion-dollar empires (Bank of America, Red Ventures, Duke Energy).

From construction companies, to tech start-ups, to restaurant franchises – our growth has truly become contagious;

#5 The Community

Charlotte has the perfect balance of Carolina natives and transplants from all over the world (although most still come from NY, Ohio, or Florida). This has caused the development of a truly welcoming spirit – most Charlotteans really do love their neighbors and are always open to meeting new people.

We also have one of the largest number of charities (per capita) of anywhere in America;

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