5 Supplements for Managing Anxiety


For those who suffer from anxiety, it can range from relatively mild to crippling levels that impact your ability to go about your daily life. According to the Anxiety & Depression Association of America (ADAA), anxiety is a disorder that affects a whopping 40 million adults. That equates to 18% of the population, showing just how common it has become. The good news is that, for those suffering from anxiety, it doesn’t have to be that way since there are treatments and tips you can use that will help you to cope and manage.

If you’re interested in natural options, supplements could provide you with the relief you’re after. Here are five supplements that can help you manage your anxiety and allow you to get back to your regular lifestyle.


If you find it hard to calm down and relax, chamomile can be an excellent supplement to take. It is widely heralded for its calming benefits and can be enjoyed as a caffeine-free herbal tea or in capsule form. Besides being able to help with anxiety, it can also help with depression. While chamomile is relatively safe to take, it is recommended you speak to your doctor first if you are taking any prescription medications or are pregnant.


Here’s another supplement that can have a positive effect on your stress and anxiety levels. This one is versatile in that you can find it in tablet, capsule, tincture or tea form – giving you lots to choose from. Many find it helps to calm them, but some have experienced side effects such as drowsiness, dizziness or headaches. It’s a good idea to start slow with valerian and see how it affects you.


You may not have heard of kratom before, but it that has been in use for centuries in Southeast Asia. Kratom is used as a traditional medicine, supplement and recreational drug. It comes from the Mitragyna speciosa tree and the leaves are dried out before being processed. You can purchase it in capsule, extract, oil, liquid and powder form. 

When taken in a low dose, it works to relax the person which helps to ease the feelings of stress and anxiety. It can also help to relieve any discomfort or pain you may be in (such as chronic pain) and even lower your blood pressure. See if you can find it nearby and look into the ways it may be able to benefit you.

Lemon Balm

Is there any better scent than lemon? It is so refreshing, clean and crisp and can help to calm you right down. Those with mild to moderate levels of anxiety may be able to see results from this supplement, and it’s very safe to use. A great way to enjoy the benefits of lemon balm is through a room diffuser; you simply add scented oil to release the lemon balm aroma into the air. This can be used in your bedroom at night, in your home office or at work, in your family room in the evenings and even in the bathroom while relaxing in the bath.

Fish Oil

Finally, we have fish oil which carries all kinds of incredible health benefits. Because fish oil is filled with omega-3 fatty acids, it aids in your heart health, but there’s another interesting benefit; omega-3 may also have a positive impact on your anxiety levels.

If you’re suffering from anxiety and want to take control, these supplements may be able to help. Keep in mind that each person’s results will be unique and you may find that a combination of these is the best solution for you.