5 Simple Hacks to Be More Successful in Words With Friends


Words With Friends is a board game in which you connect meaningful words to score points and win the game. It is an advanced version of the classic Scrabble game.

Although it is a fun game, it gets intense as soon as your opponent starts getting better of you and you start losing. You will feel more pressure if playing according to the clock.

However, you can follow these simple hacks to improve your Words With Friends game and win against your families, friends, rivals, etc. These are just simple but effective tips and tricks that will make you better in Words With Friends.

1) Go Defensive

Playing offensive in a game like Words With Friends might give you points to keep you happy momentarily, but playing a defensive game is the key to winning matches. You can play this game lightly to retain friendships but winning this game is a different task. You might need to get more disciplined and strict at times to win. 

You can avoid playing a word only to score points. Always ensure that the words you make also deny your opponents from scoring. Always make a word or grab an opportunity by assuming your opponent sees it too. It is good to make a new word in the game, but using the opponents’ words to make a better one is the best.

2) Online Tools

Game pressure can easily make you forget even the easiest words you could play. It does not help when you are competing in an intense match. It hurts your confidence and shakes your game plan.

However, you can use a cheat tool to enrich your vocabulary with new words to improve at word games. With these online cheat tools, you can learn and generate new 3-11 letter words.

WWF cheat tool on Word-Finder.com is one of the best tools to search words based on their difficulty, character length, and starting and finishing letters. You can learn new high-scoring words using this tool.

3) Grab Smaller Opportunities

One good word can win the game, and one bad word can cost you the game. One big play means an uncatchable lead, and the opponent can do nothing after. Here are some strategies you can use to play a big move.

  1. Linking your or the opponent’s words together can give you high-scoring words. For instance, you can add s, es, ed, etc., at the end of a word to make a new one. One of the highest advantages of this method is once you do it, your opponent can not use this trick on the same word.
  2. Linking words take me to my second point, which is to use Suffixes and Prefixes. Using Suffixes and Prefixes can give you more points than your opponents. For those who do not know, Suffixes are the words you can add to the end of an existing word to make a new one like ity, ment, ship, ness., etc. You add Prefixes at the beginning of the word to generate a new one like down, hyper, auto, anti, etc. It is a more effortless method than making your words score points in word games.
  3. Two and three-letter words are the most underrated in word games which cause a lot of problems. You can use high-scoring letters in them to score more points than your opponent. 
  4. Stack as many magical letters as possible because they become game changers at the end of the game. Try to stack letters like Er, S, Y, etc. 

4) Try to Play Parallely

It might sound a little weird, but it works all the time. Avoid crossing your opponent’s words and slide alongside them. Match vowels with consonants and vice-versa. You get extra points when your words touch your opponent’s at two, three, or more different places. Stacking two-letter words come in handy in these situations.

5) Vocabulary Is the Key

It is one of the most obvious hacks, so I decided not to put it in the starting. But, that does not mean it is not primary. There is nothing better than having an enriched vocabulary while playing word games. 

You can use word tools or mini games like anagrams, wordles, and crosswords to learn new words. You can schedule tasks to make it a habit to learn 10-20 new words daily. 

One of the best ways is to picture things to learn. You can relate to new words easily using this trick. You can also teach your kids this trick to enrich their vocabulary with new words.

Wrapping Up

Learning high-scoring words can also do the trick sometimes, but it is not easy to remember so many letters. Hence, you can try to remember 7-8 high-scoring words with different letter lengths. 

Avoid using Google to search for new words or phrases for your game because it will only redirect you to the results from online word tools. Use word tools directly to get more accurate results quickly.