5 Reasons Why the Younger Generation Needs to Get Closer to God


All of us encounter hardships through our life journey. We strive to overcome everything ourselves, to become stronger. But we forget who guides us through our lives and gives us the power to do anything. God should always be inside you because only with faith and prayers you will achieve what you want.

This is the truth younger generations tend to ignore and neglect. Of course, we live in modern society, and it’s their right to choose whether to believe in God or not. But that just means that they’re straying further from him. So, we made this article to spread the word about our Lord further and help youngsters understand why they need to get closer to him.

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With faith comes true freedom, we all know that. Nobody can feel free of all burdens if they don’t believe in God. Besides, when we don’t forgive, we become slaves of our insincerity, bitterness, and aggression. In the end, you’re the one hurt the most because of unforgiveness. You just trap yourself inside this cage of bad thoughts and doubts and feel horrible.

Of course, many youngsters experience troubles in schools and colleges. They use an essay sample as a source of external help. There’s nothing wrong with that; it does help and can teach you. But it shouldn’t be your first thought when you are desperate.

The good thing is that when people open their souls for Jesus, all their negativity disappears. You will never experience anger and resentment with faith inside you. Youngsters need to realize it because the amount of aggression they express increases with each day. They tend to accumulate so many negative feelings towards other people and themselves that depression and anxiety have become common.

Many young people even perceive these mental problems as a joke. It’s horribly wrong, especially considering that they don’t turn to the Lord in these troubled times. And they should, as Jesus will always help. 


Many people believe that they should cope with everything themselves. They try to become stronger on their own and still end up losing because true strength comes only from faith. This is exceptionally important for the young generations. They are so overwhelmed with chores and inner troubles that they have no confidence in their future.

One should always keep in mind that Jesus can give strength to defeat all the difficulties. No doubt, a student still may find a tutor to help with studying, but God is the one who will give the power to succeed. Keep praying, and you will become stronger than ever before. 


Believing in God teaches each individual the meaning of trust. Everyone is used to counting only on themselves. People can rarely say that they truly trust others; there’s always some doubt. A “What if?” question that compromises the open relationship with someone. But with God, you’ll learn to believe in the wisdom contained in his plans and will become braver in your actions.

You may not know or realize that he has a plan for your life. You may not think of it often, but what you should do is believe in him. Only God knows what people really need. He challenges us by hectic situations sometimes, but merely to test our faith. Thus, we should be ready to build trust in the Lord in any circumstances we face.

This is another point younger generations are missing. They’re so suspicious about everything that they can no longer believe anything. Youngsters always doubt every single bit of information. Yes, it may be useful in some cases, like when identifying fake news. But it just proves that they need God to bring the true meaning of trust into their souls. 

God teaches the younger generation how to believe in other people again. Most importantly, these individuals should recognize God’s plan to find solace.

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With all the sinful temptations of the modern world, it’s no wonder that people lose hope in humanity. The number of industries with the only aim to earn money increases dramatically. The involved individuals don’t care about the degradation of society and the loss of dignity. They need you to pay them and forget about the sins you commit.

The word of God could teach everyone what real values are and show society how sinful it is. Nowadays, people get lost in their jobs too much. The only thing they have the power to care about is working and resting from it. However, in the attempts to use their tiny bits of free time to the full extent, young people often fall into traps, the ones they will never get out of themselves.

 Always remember about the seven deadly sins:

  • pride; 
  • greed;
  • wrath;
  • envy;
  • lust;
  • gluttony;
  • sloth.

The faith will protect you from stepping out of the right path. With God inside, no matter how much depravity and insincerity one encounters, they will overcome the obstacles with honor.


God teaches one what true love is. You can’t believe in Jesus without loving him. Only with faith and love, a human can become happy. Jesus loves all of us, despite all the differences, all the harm we do to each other, and all the people who refuse to believe.

Take inspiration from him, learn from him, and you’ll find the true meaning of love. Love comes together with forgiveness, and both of them lead you to freedom. Don’t you think that it’s God’s plan to show us all the differences between us and make us value every person’s uniqueness? That should teach us to love each other the way we are.

Final Words

God is always watching over humans. He knows everything and guides everyone. It is just a matter of acceptance. Hopefully, this article will help young generations realize the need to become closer to God. Only with faith inside, one will experience the joys of life.