5 Reasons To Switch To An Electric Dab Rig


For dabbing enthusiasts worldwide, there has been a shift to take the dabbing experience to another level. The key to accomplishing this is to switch to an electric dab rig, also known as an E-rig. In the past, nails and torches were the primary devices to ensure the right dabbing experience. Today, an E-rig functions as a portable device that’s becoming the current trend for individuals who prefer cannabis concentrates.   

What Is An Electric Dab Rig? 

An E-rig is gaining popularity for revolutionizing the dabbing experience. As a vaporizer device, it works by heating a nail with an electric or battery-powered source rather than a torch with a heating coil and a traditional glass mouthpiece. The technique enables you to regulate the dab’s temperature for the ideal experience.

An electric dab rig warms up the heating element with a plug-in power source or battery, allowing for a safe dabbing experience without using fire or other tools. The process makes it convenient for those who are constantly on the go. 

Most electric dab rig models available on the market feature glass chambers with percolators to ensure extra filtration. If you’re eager to try the device, you’ll likely find it sold as a complete kit with all the necessary tools and extras. If you want to know more about E-rig accessories, you may want to see this site as a good starting point.    

Reasons To Switch To An Electric Dab Rig 

If you’ve been dabbing using the conventional method, it may be time to switch to the latest trend on the market. There are several reasons to consider using an electric dab rig.  

If you’re still uncertain but want to take your dabbing to the next level, consider the following benefits of switching to electric dab rigs;  

  • Allows Better Control Over The Temperature  

The ability to control the temperature effectively while dabbing is one of the primary reasons for switching to an electric dab rig. It’s one of the clear benefits of the tool over a dab rig that runs on butane. 

In most cases, the heat source of e-rigs isn’t in direct contact with the cannabis concentrates. With this method, you can guarantee that the temperature reading will be accurate and consistent. 

Additionally, the latest models on the market are equipped with timers, allowing you to configure the exact time you want your dabbing experience to last. For those who value accuracy while dabbing, it’s one of the best features.

  • Offers A Higher Level Of Safety

The enhanced safety system is a compelling reason to switch to an electric dab rig. 

A butane dab rig can bring risks if you fail to use the device properly. Remember that the flame will likely ignite fumes, potentially triggering an explosion. 

The electric dab rigs can have a battery or plug-in source, so there’s no risk of possible combustion. Additionally, the models on the market nowadays are equipped with extra safety features such as thermal sensors and automatic shut-offs. Making the switch to an electric dab rig might be the best move you can make if you want to guarantee a secure dabbing experience.

  • Suitable Option For Beginners  

For the best experience with dabbing rigs, it’s typically necessary to have a thorough understanding of the equipment or accessories. 

Several phases are involved in the procedure, including adding water and waiting for it to warm up, introducing the concentrates, and waiting for the optimum timing. However, the problematic aspect of the process is underheating or overheating. You might not always be able to tell if there’s enough heat to guarantee a comfortable dabbing experience. 

Although an electric dab rig still requires fundamental dab rig understanding, the models on the market include a built-in mechanism that controls the temperature. It minimizes common dabbing concerns like overheating. Deciding to switch to an E-rig will save you the hassle of monitoring the temperature, making it a suitable choice for beginners.  

  • Ensures Cleaner Concentrates  

Contaminated concentrates are just one of the drawbacks that a butane-powered rig has. The carbon residues that the flames leave behind can easily contaminate the concentrate. 

Electric dab rigs aren’t subject to this issue because they evaporate cannabis concentrates by heating coils. Thus, every session ends with a clean and flavorful dab.   

  • Allows For Discreet And Portable Dabbing

If you’ve been using a butane-powered dab rig, you’re undoubtedly aware of how difficult it may be. An on-the-go lifestyle makes it challenging to enjoy a dabbing session because you must frequently refill the butane tank. 

Switching to an electric dab rig offers better portability to allow you to enjoy a dabbing session wherever you go.   

An electric dab rig comes with a charger or built-in batteries so that you can always bring your device with you. Most come in with the size of an inhaler, allowing you to carry it in your bag or pocket effortlessly.   

Aside from its portable nature, an E-rig offers a discreet method of dabbing. Due to its small size and inhaler-like form, you can use one without calling attention to yourself, which is impossible with traditional dabbing rigs.  

Final Thoughts  

An electric dab rig offers several advantages over the traditional butane-powered dab rig. Now that you’re aware of these factors, you may realize that an electric dab rig is the best choice if you want a secure, reliable, and hygienic dabbing experience. If you’re still using the traditional dabbing method, consider switching to an electric dab rig soon.