Over 5 Pounds Of Crack Discovered During The Largest Drug Bust In Catawba County’s History


Catawba County Police just uncovered their largest drug operation in history after finding over 5 1/2 pounds of crack in an apartment complex on Sherlock Street. The drugs are estimated to have a street value of over $250,000, once broken up.

An informant’s phone call led detectives to the complex, where officers now think a drug cartel has been running their operations.

Over the past several weeks there have been several suspected drug dealers seen coming and going from the apartments:

After local drug task force officers were issued a warrant, they began searching through trash piles when they came across a peculiar smelling black bag. Inside, they discovered the massive crack stash.

Whoever hid the drugs were also watching them with nearby cameras, which the police are currently reviewing for additional clues.

Officers are now hoping that several more arrests will be made in connection to the case.