5 ideas for winter holiday activities


The winter holiday season is a time for friends, family, and most importantly, fun. This time is a wonderful season filled with laughter, love, and good old holiday cheer. There are many ways that families can celebrate the holidays with each other including decorating the home, decorating gingerbread houses as well as making snow globes. If you’re looking for activities to do during the festive season and want to get into the holiday spirit, this article will list 5 ideas for winter holiday activities that are sure to add some sparkle to your day and night. 

Book a magic show ticket 

Magic shows are forms of entertainment where a musician performs tricks filled with illusion and mystery. These tricks leave the audience feeling amazed and astonished as they try to piece together the mystery of the performed trick. Magic shows have consistently been a part of society for a very long time and are a great experience for those seeking entertainment. It is a chance to forget reality and escape into an enchanted world filled with fun and wonder. You can even organize a party or a dinner and hire a corporate magician in Toronto to entertain your guests. Children and adults will both have fun at a magic show so consider doing this for yourself and your family. 

Plan a road trip

Road trips are very popular. It is a chance to hit the long road with a great playlist and great company. To prepare for a road trip, you first need to establish your route and the end destination. If needed, plan an upgrade for your car. For example, Canada Custom Autoworks is one of the best tire shops in Edmonton where you can find a great new set of tires for safer travel. It is recommended that you plan your road trip along a very scenic route for the best experience and that you create a checklist of the following before hitting the road:

  • Check tires
  • Check oil
  • Check fuel
  • Check brakes
  • Pack important documents
  • Water
  • Fruit
  • Nuts
  • Dried fruits
  • a pillow

You must designate time for rest because road trips can be exhausting for both the driver and the passenger. It is also advised that you do not drive for longer than 12 hours and that you take a break every 2-3 hours to stretch and fill up with fuel if need be. If you are the driver and start feeling dizzy while driving, do not exceed 8 hours on the road per day and if you must, book into a roadside motel to properly rest before embarking on the rest of your journey. 

Create an advent calendar 

An advent calendar is a calendar that is specifically used to count down the days of advent leading to Christmas. Most advent calendars begin on the 1st of December however, some include the last few days of November as well. This is a fun concept for kids who will look forward to counting down each day on the calendar and it will also help build anticipation for Christmas. Some advent calendars even include a sweet or chocolate for each day that gets marked down. Advent calendars are exciting for kids and they help ease the extreme excitement and anxiety that they feel leading up to Christmas. 

Participate in a winter sport 

Another great idea is to participate in a winter sport during the festive holidays. This is a great opportunity to stay active during the holiday season as well as try something new and exciting. When you are in the process of choosing a winter sport, you need to keep in mind activities that can be done as a family. Sports such as skiing and skateboarding are sports that are fun for all ages as well as ice skating which is a winter classic. If you have snow, you can also go sledding with your entire family. This is more fun than anything else and will guarantee everlasting memories. 

Get out and enjoy some fresh air

Most people spend the entire year trapped in an office with little to no proper quality time out in nature. Nature is an important part of our survival and even just spending a few moments outdoors can ease stress, anxiety and improve our overall health and wellness. When you’re outdoors, make sure to take deep breaths to get that fresh oxygen into your lungs and if you can, try and go to a place as far away from the noise of the city as possible. This is good for your mental, emotional and spiritual health.