5 Fragrances That Reminds one of Charlotte


In 1768, when King George III was still in charge of the Colonies, European immigrants founded Charlotte. The new hamlet was given the name Queen Charlotte in honor of the King’s wife, and the neighboring county was given the name Mecklenburg in recognition of her majesty’s birthplace in Germany. The queen’s sculptures may still be seen today, both in front of Charlotte Douglas International Airport and on North College Street. 

Why not royally dignify this royal city? The place leaves its impression in the hearts of everyone who visits. And what could be a better way to recall the memories? The use of scents. Some scents and their applications are made according to human emotions and entice the feelings of the users. Similar is the case with some scents that will make you recall the Queen City in one way or other. Following are some of these perfumes:

Be Delicious by DKNY

This scent is vibrant, youthful, and energizing, and it conjures an image of a fearless but endearing lady. Green notes, violet leaves, apples, citrus, and magnolia are at the top. Tuberose, lily of the valley, rose, and violet is included in the heart, while sandalwood, amber, and musk are featured in the base. It’s the ideal scent for springtime when people are dancing in flower beds and throwing coins into fountains which makes it best to recall your memories.

Intense Cafe by Montale

For both men and women, Montale’s Intense Cafe is an Amber Vanilla scent. Pierre Montale is the nose behind this scent. Floral notes make up the top note, followed by rose and coffee for the middle, and vanilla, white musk, and amber for the base. A vibrant coffee bean is combined with a young, vegetal rose. Together, the two provide a surprisingly dry and energizing top note. Vanillic white musk that has hints of cream and sugar gradually sweeten the coffee as it begins to soften. The coffee still has a deep, nutty character even in the final ambery dry-down that makes it one of the best coffee perfumes

Black Orchid by Tom Ford

Black Orchid by Tom Ford is a timeless fragrance. It is a captivating, head-turning piece of pure sensuality. No, I mean it. For someone who understands what they’re doing and how to do it.

The ideal dark fragrance is Tom Ford’s Black Orchid. There is no other scent that, in my opinion, comes close to how well it combines flowers and spices. Black orchid serves as the fragrance’s focal point, and other notes including black truffle, bergamot, black plum, noir gourmand accord, and patchouli complete the composition.

Miss Charming by Juliette Has A Gun

Miss Charming is a stunning, pure pink rose with soft, organic fruit notes. It makes me think of a sunny day and everything that is wonderful, pleasant, and joyful.

Raspberries, strawberries, and a hint of citrus make up the wonderful blend. In the heart notes of Miss Charming, the gentle sweetness of lychee blends seamlessly with the dewy rose petals. This is a fantastic example of a fruity rose. The aroma is lovely and genuine. Overall, the composition is still fun, light, and charming.

Viva La Juicy Noir by Juicy Couture

Juicy Couture’s Viva La Juicy Noir fragrance, Wearing the sensual women’s fragrance Viva La Juicy Noir can help you liven up the evening with a touch of passion and romance. This irresistible morsel combines fruity, flowery, and savory notes for a tempting flavor that will instantly grab people’s attention.